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The Spectrum of Success

by Uma Rani S
(Bangalore, India)

It was a lazy Sunday morning. The dull and dark monsoon sky lacking the much needed shine and sheen, yet, isn't there a particular charm in the swollen clouds? A beauty reserved for the eyes perceiving it. Admiring the sky, I sat down to pen my thoughts on what's cooking up in my mind.

Waiting for the words to surface, for the thoughts to queue up, my fingers randomly and gently embraced the keys of the keypad.
Patiently lingering around for a spark to flare up, an idea to spring, words to wander...I dawdled longer than it generally takes. It just seemed like going on a wild goose chase.

After some moments ticking away ….
My screen was still as clean and clear as my mind.

What's happening to me ? Why am I not able to write? Am I not inspired? When are the lines going to line up? Where are they…..

No, I didn't rant. Not at all. Actually I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing and definitely no questions lining up ahead.

Blaming no one, Neither others, nor myself, my mind flew along the flow and swing of my mood.

I was not feeling low, that's evident. Should I be feeling good, about my mind being calm and composed? Ofcourse... Such empty minds are a store house of blissful peace that crafts a spectacular art when given the space. The clean slate gathers everything, and is filled with abundant positivity.

A muddled mind, on the other hand, is lost in its muddles.

So what did I actually do?
I just allowed myself to relax and not stretch or strain and shifted my serene mind to dwell on other activities.
And then, the thought instantly sparked, flamed, flared and lit up my mind.

It is certainly going to brighten your mind too. Or maybe even your lives, like it did to mine.

What is the secret of success? Yes, that's the topic of discussion;
The secret of success and the man and mind behind failure!

How do we fail ? Or rather,
Why do we win?

Having come ahead in life, sailing, waddling and swimming across turbulent tides and smooth streams, all along the way, we can delve deep and get an insight into the grand victories and the great losses.

We all have, in life, on screen and in the history of the world, witnessed individuals going on a tear overnight or going down in flames at another spell. In either circumstances, the protagonist has a definite role to play for the spectacular success or the distressing defeat.

Blame the failure on carelessness or callousness, lethargy or lavishness, poor decisions or indecisiveness , bad company or wrong attitude and the list goes on.…..Having said that, there are a few other culprits playing the spoiled spokes. The part of fate or nature in addition to the unsavoury gimmicks of acquaintances aspiring to ensure their place and position in the stream, not being aware of the fact the stream doesn't stay stagnated but moves on.

Any mature mind can
fathom the fact that pulling or putting others down does not raise them in the ladder of victory. It actually puts one down in their own eyes and mind. Design of destiny or selfish desire of man, in many circumstances than one, upsets others' apple cart partially. Not forever, definitely not in the long run, and certainly not every time.

Then, what act do we have to stage for gaining victory? Among goal setting, efforts, attitude, staying focused …."Moving on" is one virtue, that is going to take one to places.

'Moving away' from the scene, 'moving away' from relationships, 'moving away' from failure, 'moving towards' your passion and aspirations and 'moving on' in life attributes to sure success.

The COVID pandemic has given another dimension to " moving on," hasn't it?

In the roller coaster of life, being placed above everyone else holds no ground just as being grounded below others is. Being ahead or behind doesn't grade one's success. So does accumulating things, or processing nothing. The world has time and again reiterated its characteristic trait of uncertainty through its shades of natural calamities, hasn't it?

Along the lines, I am reminded of an article that I read some days ago, on a particular bridge being built to stay strong against the storm. The structure did remain intact only to find the river underneath to change its course.

What's the need of a bridge now ? Life, sometimes, resembles it. When we prepare ourselves for a particular phase, it changes its course and leaves us in lurch. And this is when " moving on" falls in line with life.

Overcoming the challenges of life with a bag of tricks is not the end of it. When we are ready with the set techniques, life surprises us with another challenge which requires another set of tools to deal with it.

Hence, the need to be prepared for the quizzical life and be aware of the fact that the set solutions don't serve long. Life doesn't stay the same and change tunes to display its various facets. We, adapting to and being open to creative solutions does the magic called survival.

Dissecting the problems of life may give us a wider perspective, no second thoughts on it.
It displays a pluralistic perspective, hidden aspects and the different dimensions to life.
But at times, the solution is here just, right in front of your eyes.

The answer to life could be a piece of cake.
You needn't contemplate on a complex phenomenon to overcome it.

The knotty problem, looming larger than life, may have inbuilt solutions, only if we have a serene mind to see it. In certain circumstances we don't have to break paths or chart out a path breaking plan to resolve the issues. Just let it pass and let it rest in peace.

Life is thus beautiful with all its surprises and shocks. And who would want a dull life? We need spice and challenges, that adds to the spectrum of the spectacular experience that life encompasses.

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