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The Story of an Abandoned Horse

by Pretty Maggam
(Pleasanton, United States)

Thought we were best friends
Never anticipated this one ends

I was aware of all your stories
You approximated all my worries
Wholly! They are memories

Wherein! Are you?
You just vanished without a clue

Whosoever made you cold
But you abandoned me into a brutal world

I look for you when in the hoard, more or few
Who cares about this unseen dew
Am I the one who strew?

Your door doesn’t answer my knock
I hold back and continue with my walk

Time is a thief
It dissolved all my grief
I live in the redwoods
I’m fine now, after all the falsehoods

Whilst I pave my way to the lake water
Then I see my broken heart’s slaughter
Riding down the creek with his newfound friend
The friend who would care him less, and never like me comprehend

I hear a compound throbbing hoot
Hovers over me, an axle and your boot
You left me with barefoot
But you slope down into a ditch of soot

You plunge to the shore against the spout
Neither is mine thirst filled in neither spilled out
Watching the strikeout

Now gazing at you for a while and
conscious that you wouldn’t take me back
I hold back and proceed with my walk
Yet my teary eyes, completely talk.


Note: This poem was written comparing the pain of an abandoned woman to an abandoned horse.

For South Asian girls, especially in the Indian subcontinent, this has so far been an era of run-away husbands and abandoned wives.

From young Slave Brides in Haryana to Women and Children trafficking in East Java to the brutal rapes in Delhi to many and more abandoned women in Jantar Mantar, this era has paved a new genre of life for South Asian Women, an abandoned life (not single, not divorced, not widowed, not loved, neither considered, but in an unknown status). They have no choice but to learn to deal and live alone in a traumatic state and into the wild. They are no different from a horse which is used and abandoned by the owner after the needful time.

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Nov 07, 2021
Very true
by: Your Name: Vineela

Very beautiful written.

Nov 07, 2021
Excellently framed!
by: Roja Manjusha Dara

The very known hard fact of life is just defined in a few sentences!!

Nov 06, 2021
Sad and True. Nice words!
by: Roshan

Very sad but true. Amazingly put in words!

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