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The Superstar's Son - contd

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

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Love took over and passion gripped them. They had waited for each other for eight long years. It was the most beautiful time of their life. Alia was soft like cotton. So absorbed were they in the moment that Rehan who as a teenager too had been careful of using a condom, actually forgot to protect.

They laid bare against each other Rehan still kissing her. Alia hid in his strong chest.

“When did you return back Al?”

“An year back.”


“Dad expired.”

Rehan hadn’t cared to ask how her life has been all these years.
“I am so sorry Al. I didn’t even ask.”
“Don worry. It’s Ok and I am fine. He had cancer. The pain was too much for him. I am sure he’s at peace where ever he is right now.”
“Marry Me Alia.”
It was out of nowhere.
“Are you pitying me Ron.”
“No Al, please do not misunderstand me. I just am not. I want to spend rest of my life with you. Please marry me. Will you?”
Alia nodded in affirmation.

Next Day, He made her meet his mom. Hema loved everything about Alia but the marriage plan had to be postponed as Rehan received a message for emergency reporting. Floods had hit Kashmir and Defense was needed at bay immediately. Rehan took leave for the call of duty.

A month later Alia skipped her periods and consulted the doctor without caring to check for pregnancy or even thinking of it as a possibility.

She was reported pregnant. Though a little shy of being pregnant before marriage, she was happy and ok with having her lover’s child. She knew Rehan would return and marry her.

Collective efforts of Army, Navy and Airforce rescued millions of victims and reconstructed Kashmir. In the entire operation three officers lost their lives –
Major Harshid Khan
Lt. Aijit Mitra and
Commander Rehan Malik..

Never ever have we heard a super star encouraging his or her kid to join the army but Rehan gave up on everything even his life, against his father's wishes, for the country men. Alia received the gallantry award on his behalf as his widow. She was proud of the man she loved, took care of his parents in their old age and brought up his son just as an army man would have raised him.

She named him Ayan. Ayan Rehan Kant.


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