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The Third Wheel - contd

by Amruta Siva

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She turned away. She was not strong enough to see him weep.

After a few more monitoring and blood tests, she was assured that the baby is absolutely fine. She was cleared to go home.

On the way back to home Vijay apologized a couple more times and by the time they reached home, it was early in the morning. They were tired of spending a whole sleepless night, but it was a Sunday, so they did not worry about office and work. Vijaya checked her mom and Vandhana. They were still sleeping in the nursery.

Vijaya padded her steps to the bedroom. Vijay invited his wife into their bed, with his eyes. It would not take an Einstein’s brain to figure out what happened next.

Later in the afternoon, Vijay was on his trip to the gym and later he wanted to run into the groceries. As he left the house, he texted his wife.

“Sweet Hubby” (Contact as saved in Vijaya’s phone) - “Send the account details to Dad, but we are not doing anything rough.”

“My Life” (Contact as saved in Vijay’s phone)- “Sent. From the emergency room yesterday”.

Sweet Hubby - :-) (Smiley)

My Life – Did you cancel the tickets that you booked for us to India?

Sweet Hubby – Never booked any.

My Life - :-) (Smiley)

Vijaya was smiling looking at her phone.

“Did I miss something?”, asked Neerja who was knitting a blanket for Viki.

An emergency run to the hospital, emotional night, couple of apologies and an insane amount of crazy romance, thought Vijaya and replied “Nothing. I told you not to worry about us”, she winked.

Just then Neerja’s phoned banged. A text from her son-in-law.

“Viji’s Husband” (Contact as saved in Neerja’s phone) - “Sorry aunty, I misspoke last night, but Viji is right, I should not have involved you in our fight and I promise I shall never lose my temper again”

“Viji’s Mom” (Contact as saved in Vijay’s phone) – Okay.

“I agree. No one needs to barge in between a husband and wife, everyone has got problems and phases in marriage, but eventually, they patch up, if the relationship is meant to last and if they are meant to be a couple. They always do.” Neerja thought and got back to her knitting.


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Feb 13, 2019
Thank you!
by: Your Name:

Ha ha.. i appreciate your comments.
Thankyou for mentioning that.
Please read my future works and comment on my them as well.

Feb 10, 2019
Romance ?
by: Your Name: Kiran Jhamb

Reader (Contact as saved in Writer’s phone) – Realistic depiction though sadly do not agree with your "insane amount of crazy romance".

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