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The Three Musketeers’

by Vyomi Malik
(Delhi, India)

The three musketeers’
My twin brats
And their doting dad
Playing pranks
All day long
On unsuspecting Mom
On being caught
Sheepish grins
Grace three identical pairs of
Twinkling browns
Those I taught to run
Race ahead leaving me far behind
Only to jog back
Encircle me with their love
As I bask in the glory of
Being their most loved woman
Tending gingerly to
Bruised knees and egos
Cleaning up after
What looks like a raid everyday
Feeding an army of
Forever famished
Spiking two manes
Dyeing the third
Juggling between
Playing the homemaker
And climbing
The corporate ladder
My perfect men
Happily helping with chores
Lending their hands
To make sure on both scales
Home and work
I comfortably stand
Your unwavering support
My pillar of strength
Making me ready for
The next adventure
For my life with you is
A lifetime of prayers answered
In a white lace dress
Twirled by the men I love
Like a precious doll
I’m truly the most blessed woman ever!


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