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The TomBoy Rap

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

I was a tom boy I was cute and fat,
I broke the rules of sobriety everytime I sat,

I was strong and brave I could beat up boys,
I never played with barbie dolls never played with toys,

My bed my dressing everything had books,
Not even once in my life did I care about my looks,

I was bullied I was hated I was left alone and grilled,
They made me look like a joker, seemed they felt thrilled,

I cried I tried I changed so I could fit
Trying made me weaker I couldn't succeed a bit,

Then came a time when I left behind
Of all those who were never of my kind,

They said I was different I was not their type,
I agreed with them and hushed the hype,

I preferred being alone being the misfit that I was,
I looked around and realised I was here for a cause,

I was a tomboy I was cute and fat,
Still came one day a guy who didn't care about that,

He held me with the hand and said all is fine,
You are crazy, you are mad, but you are strong and you are mine,

I could cry on his shoulder I could express my pain,
I could laugh out loud till my stomach would strain,

He never judged he never tried to change,
He never found me out of place how much was he strange,

I am still a tomboy and I have family of my own,
None of them mind me wanting time alone,

They love me for my strength don't care that I don't fit,
I never do makeup but it doesn't matter them a bit,

I am a tomboy and I am happy and kind,
I have everyone around me with a like mind,

I no more care about who thinks what,
It was actually never important time now has taught..


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Dec 05, 2019
Thank you
by: Your Name:


Dec 03, 2019
by: Neha

Loved itπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘Œ

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