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The Tongue which tastes Sugar and Salt

by Dharitri Ramanlal
(Bilimora, India)

Having taken birth in my beautiful country India is definitely not a mere coincidence. It has in it many unfolded and mystic facets to be one amongst 150 crore lives, and to cohabit in a country with has innumerable cultures, traditions, languages, and mindsets. Our country has a dynamic growth, owing to its fluctuating economic gains, ever-changing equations with the neighboring lands and quarrels for basic life amenities between many rural regions.

From a time frame, it seems that we are still traveling in a local in the era of bullet trains, but if we keenly delve into the scenario with an observant eye we see something antithetical about the strength and vigor every Indian mind is molded with. Psychologist seems to be a very familiar term for the developed economy whereas here one in hundred seems to understand what is this word all about.
Even the most derogatory word used between two individuals at the time of their ego fights melts down when there is a need to give shoulders in times of adversity such is the warmth and grace with which every child is brought up.

A housewife is no less than a robot fueling the energy of an entire family. People come out after being body shamed and some even, in turn, gets encouraged to do something for the same. Racist comments are also forgiven and in turn, many souls with contrasting ideologies end up dinning together and chit-chatting about their insecurities and weaknesses. Hence our country men's way of expression has resulted in a very resilient environment for the growing minds which can uptake immense pressure at the same time be efficient too. Hence this is just to have the positive outlook into the highly criticised mannerisms of our nature and way of expression as it has a high contribution in forgetting and forgiving nature.

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