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The Unique Sojourn

by Sriram

Through my hawkish vision
I look back at my mission
The might of the tortuous choice
In the large labyrinth, shattering my poise

Though there is a need for a guiding hand
To disperse the confusion with a magic wand
It's a luxury that I can ill afford
traversing the horizon on my own accord.

The journey has never been even paced,
I sure want a few paths retraced,
An adulation for where I am,
And my destination shown without a qualm.

But scripting every rule,
Making decisions like a fool,
Has gains that's Unwritten,
That keeps me glued and smitten.

The sojourn of a fellow higher animal,
Has effects in you that's minimal,
Never fearing their dis-repect,
Its your strength that you will not suspect.

Avoiding the jitters to venture alone,
Than connect being someone's clone,
Revering hands that guide,
And travel ahead as their comrade.

All can say if its good or bad,
Point at things that went right or wrong,
But I will always be glad,
And claim its my song!!


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Jun 01, 2013
Thank you
by: Sriram

Once again thank you for the encouraging words mam.

May 28, 2013
by: nuggehallipankaja

This is a poem which sets one thinking. The sojourn
seems to have produced a sort of thought process,
resulting in bringing out the latent poetic faculty
As such the poem has depth,promising a bright future in the realm of creative writing.

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