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The Unknown Woman

by Moumita Bhaumik
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

I am the unknown woman
I rise as a flare from the hidden ashes.
The fire that you ignited long ago
Rubbing the trees in the forest.
The deep yellow flame
A tongue of a man
So rough and horny
Tear my veins out
My faith bleeds.
You think I am in fear.
Wrong, wrong very wrong you are.
I am the unknown woman.
I burn for peace.
As the trees burn in the forest
The yellow flame touches the sky.
Your God fears me too.
Run, run, run like the deers,
Or the lions,
Or the hyenas,
Whatever you are,
Just an animal.
Run to die.
I am the unknown woman,
I am the phoenix.
I die to live.


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