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The Use of “EXIT”Philosophy in Practical Life

by Ghazala Javed
(New Delhi, India)

Many of us are wandering souls and I strongly believe that whomsoever we meet in life we meet for a purpose. Some of them touch your life to transform you into a better and a beautiful human being.

At an age when you are not expected to get attracted / attached to someone, I made a self-proclaimed friend. That clichéd saying that somebody looks familiar, which I never believed in and laughed it off started appearing real. Have you ever experienced being aware of the presence of someone even if you don’t want to? It sounds filmy but it happened. That friend of mine taught me the use of “EXIT” philosophy in practical life. Before that “EXIT” was only a word hanging at aircrafts, airports and buildings showing the way out. This word “EXIT” can be used in so many ways as a rescue measure, showing the way out from difficult situations. Use it to end a conflicting and complicated conversation with your colleagues, family or friends. When a conversation is stretching and is at the verge of losing dignity, just “EXIT”, when you are in a tricky situation and you are not sure what to do, just “EXIT”. When you are trapped in the vicious circle of your thoughts, just “EXIT”. You will be amazed to see how the problem gets solved on its own and you will save yourself from the agony of self- inflicting suffering by your own thoughts.

It was difficult to understand and apply as I was more of a “discuss the solution” person, a quality I imbibed from my mother. But, I realized that following the “EXIT” philosophy makes you a
freeperson, it lightens you up. Whenever there was an argument over a particular topic with family or friend leading you nowhere, I simple exited by switching to another topic.

My friend also taught me that every conversation has an expiry, before that I only thought that only commodities have an expiry period. But just think over it, conversations are also products of your thought process and they do expire when your thought process moves on to the next episode. Coming back again and again to the same conversation after its expiry will produce toxins in your mind (thought process) same as having expired food will produce toxins in the body. There are so many examples where stretching a conversation or discussing the same topic again and again will not let you move forward.

I would recommend everyone to adopt the “EXIT” formula and see the magic happening.
I still remember that while watching SRK in “Dear Zindagi” I was somewhere praying to meet such a person who can transform my life too. That prayer got fulfilled and instead of saying “Jo dil ko na lagey use keh do bye bye bye” I learned “Usey keh do exit exit exit”.

However, the most difficult part was to “EXIT” that short memorable inspirational span of friendship which taught me this philosophy as I think I was clinging to that friendship for more and more inspiration to stay happy and live life. So, I “EXIT” that too to make myself my own inspiration and to make myself the source of my happiness. But you my dear friend will always be etched in my mind and heart- No ‘EXIT’ from here.

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Nov 25, 2018
by: Jamshed Rahman

Well written article. Conveys the message .

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