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The Wedding Ring

by Soma Bose
(Pune, India)

The costly wedding ring was stolen, the diamond ring was vanished surprisingly from the box on the eve of marriage. The glass box was exposed publicly placed in a conic stand and the ring was visible inside the box.

Approx some yards distance was maintained from public eyes.

People wondered, In spite of detachment signal system, tight security and cameras inside the complex, who had taken away the ring without leaving any signal and clue?

The hired detective agent Mrs.Gibson studied the case and monitored the place where the ring was exactly kept inside. She was accompanied by some technicians. With their help, she slightly removed the stand and her voice sounded confused,"Oh! No," she located a tunnel behind it.

She tried to look inside it, "This tunnel may be some kilometres long and probably extends a way towards the border of another city ," she said.

Some steps were dug downwards, "It is some good escalator," she joked and followed the way inside with some guards.

They reached a village near by. Mrs. Gibson found some torn pieces of news paper scattered on the ground where the way inside the tunnel ended. She picked them up and discovered some code numbers written on them. Some technicians also accompanied her.

With the help of a strong lens, the numbers became distinguished in front of them. All were some specific mechanical code numbers which are commonly used to specify some machines.

Mrs. Gibson met the village head and this man informed her, "Very recent, I have called some mechanics from outer city as I own a cotton mill and some machines are not working properly but surprisingly they are disappeared since last night."

Mrs. Gibson showed him the torn pieces of the paper where the code numbers were written and the village head identified the machines.
Gibson rushed towards the machines and checked all the defective machines with the help of technicians. A modern looking device helped them with its blinking electronic display to trace the diamond ring.

"Last night, some qualified traitors intelligently stole the ring from city's wedding hall and in the name of repairing your machines, they silently hid it inside one of your damaged machines so that nobody can trace it out and obviously, next morning, their plan was to sell it elsewhere," Mrs. Gibson clarified.


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