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The Wise Scorpion

by Jayasudha Bhaskaran
(The Nilgiris,Tamilnadu,India)

It was raining heavily. The rain water entered the hole in which the scorpion lived. The water rushed into the hole and the scorpion was pushed out of the hole. The scorpion was taken away by the running rain water.

A hen was standing at a distance and was watching the scorpion which was taken away by the rain water.
The hen came forward to help the scorpion.

"I will help you from the running water," the hen said.

The scorpion agreed to the hen and thanked the hen for the help offered by it.

The hen picked up the scorpion in its beak and the hen walked away. It then put the scorpion on a dry place. The hen hatched an evil plan and it pecked the scorpion with its beak.

The scorpion realized the evil plan of the hen who was about to eat it. It wanted to teach a lesson to the hen who tried to betray it.

The next time the hen tried to peck the scorpion, it caught hold of the hen's neck firmly. The hen started to cry in pain.
"Do not cheat others," said the scorpion and held the hen's neck tightly.

The hen realized its mistake and it begged the scorpion to pardon it.

The scorpion then left the hen free. The hen learnt a good lesson and it promised not cheat to anyone from then on.

MORAL: Be loyal to others


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