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The Woman!

by Shwetha Srinivasan
(Salem, Tamil Nadu)

Eyes drenched in emotional turbulence,
Veiled beneath a tormented mount;
Mind tied in delusion and distraught
A heart that beats endlessly in misery
A Smile, a forced entity, a façade?
Alone stands she in this hell-heaven
With nothing but her own will
This is the story of a woman
Whose life is a dulled drill!

With a stance that masks the might
And nature, timid and demure;
Camouflaged under strength and sense
Bequeathing an unflinching pride
Brave stands she, bounded by evil
Spearing through the needles
With fury that stems from timeless resent;
This is the story of a woman
Whose life is a dulled drill!

Her neighbors lend a helping hand
Trembling she gives in;
With a hope for a brighter day
And dream of a peaceful twilight
She ponders in loneliness, musings
To unchain her tied soul,
To breathe the air bereft of pain
Will she walk free, and
Bathe her heart in a new bliss?

The neighbors painted a tainted frame
Labeled her “the needy one”;
Her soul holed in distress and betrayal
She arose to a revolting morn;
Thorns and rocks her trodden path
There was none she hadn’t seen;
This time she’d take the victory stride
For nothing can revive her lamenting!

A splash of water washing them eyes,
A veil torn apart, her identity revealed
A mind that storms out the anger
And a heart that beats out of misery
She smiled! A smile that connected the soul
As she trampled the neighbours to fine silt
For none could call her needy, nor give her support
She stands alone, alone in this hell-heaven
Without the mercy of one,
For this is that story of a woman
Dead inside, now alive!


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Mar 29, 2013
by: nuggehalliPankaja

Moving piece!

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