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This was how it all began

by Prerona Boruah
(Shanghai, China)

Deserted in a land with no familiar face,

Timid inside but she knew she could ace.

Slowly found her people, she felt free,

Now her life was happy it was all Glee.

Then came in a hope far beyond the light,

Life felt like a reverie with no blue in sight.

This light she believed was her prospect,

Little did she know life will reveal;

The ugly truth she could least expect.

The dream was broken, she was a wreck,

Remained in her cocoon, no one could crack.

She hid it all, from the truth she ran.

This was how it all began.

Took some fair time to rise from where she fell,

Stronger than ever, as it almost felt like hell.

Poise in her was the weapon now and forever,

To breakthrough all in the past that she wept over.

Pulled together now, she held her head high,

The past was all gone, no longer could make her cry.

Brave enough now to face what comes, never did she ran,

This was how it all began.


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