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Those Ten Minutes - contd

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

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As they were about to leave Siddhi thanked Vidyut who in spur of the moment pressed his lips on hers. Siddhi pulled back but it was irresistible. They kissed on, breaking all their rules, principles, morals and even hearts of the partners who awaited them outside. It was not just a kiss but an end to everything they had saved and protected for so long. Everything zeroed down in those ten minutes.
"I'm Sorry." Vidyut felt the weight of what happened. Siddhi left silently.

Vidyut went on with Pragya for everything as planned after the wedding but it took him a few days to stop remembering Siddhi every time, even in his intimate moments with Pragya. However, Siddhi did not leave her principles and soon after reaching back told Raghav everything about what happened between her and Vidyut.

Raghav slapped her that night for the first time.

"How do I believe that you guys only kissed and nothing else ever happened or for that matter how do I believe that you haven't cheated on me before?".

Siddhi faced everything without rebel or explanations.
"I don't have a proof for my innocence Raghav. I have never betrayed you. I kissed Vidyut but nothing else happened."

Raghav asked Sidhi to leave him and his family. World fell apart for Siddhi for Raghav was the only love of her life and Her daughter was the reason she was breathing.
She shifted to a flat she had purchased from her salary and started living alone. She did one last message to Vidyut.

*Hi Vidyut. I told everything to Raghav soon after. My wishes will always be there for you. You will always remain a special friend. Please forgive me and don't judge me or hate me.You will always remain the gold that filled the broken cup of my life. Thank you."

She unfriended Vidyut and lived alone for an year away from everyone unless Raghav came back to apologise and take her back.

"I had forgotten that you had accepted a womanizer and had loved him to fill up everything that was broken in him. Still You never doubted me all these years and I couldn't forgive you even once. May be because I never left my loyalty after you came into my life. I don't know if I was wrong but I am not angry with you. Can we start it all over again?"

Siddhi wailed and Raghav took her in his arms. The arms that were once Siddhi's broken world and that Vidyut had healed and repaired.

Those ten minutes remained as the only connection between their anonymous love. They lived in each other's smiles happily ever after.

Some times it is not the people who are wrong or bad but their situations that make them weak in the moments. Don't judge people. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

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