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Those well meaning people !!

by Lakshmi M Bhat
(Udupi , Karnataka)

What this world be like without those ‘well meaning people’?

To those who can put them in their place,they give a great sense of satisfaction. And for those who cannot, life becomes miserable.But in both they arouse the emotion of anger; on one hand anger at the interference and on the other anger at their own helplessness.

These well meaning people believe ‘they know the best’. Their so called solution is the best solution to a given problem. Though the problem may not be a problem at all !!

According to them people are not capable of seeing the solution even if it is in front of their noses,and their solution may make people realize that,that was the best solution.
How self deluding!!

Their interference makes matters worse. The fragile network of relationships are often broken. And once broken ,nothing remains the same as it was. The scar remains. Something precious goes out of it, never to return.

But, funnily, those ‘well meaning people’ are not a tribe apart. All of us become one of them once in a while in our lives.
Who does not think that they alone know the best??

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Feb 05, 2012
by: Safia

Truly Said:)

Feb 06, 2012
Your article
by: Sneha

Well, I'm sure this is what one learns while growing up ... you get such characters all around! A nice philosophical take written in a short draft.

Feb 07, 2012
by: Geetashree Chatterjee

Rightly said. We all adopt this know-all attitude once in a while. Gives a sort of self satisfaction I suppose. And it is very annoying when the solution proffered is not accepted or there is a delay in endorsing the same. Another display of ego I'm afraid!

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