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Three Cups of Tea

by Karma

Title : Three Cups of Tea
Authors: Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

The inspiring definition of a one-person campaign to build schools in the most dangerous, remote, and anti-American reaches of Asia. This was an excellent novel to read as though the description of experiences you get to understand a little about another culture, hardships, and determination. Greg Mortenson is definitely an American hero. His work in Pakistan and Afghanistan is truly inspiring.

The work Greg Mortenson is doing like building schools in impoverished parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan sorely in need of them -- is certainly appreciable, his mission seems ill-served by "Three Cups of Tea." It is about how the education Mortenson's schools are giving to boys and girls is actually affecting life in their villages as there is a strong element of imperialism in the idea of an American's mission to "fight terrorism and build nations".

Somewhere he wanted to honor the memory of his sister in climbing K2 - the second highest mountain in the world. He not only honored his sister, but in the end honored thousands of helpless little sweet girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan by building schools in remote places and changing their lives forever.

The fact remains, Mr. Mortenson did help thousands of girls getting educated, build schools where there were no schools or hope of education before and accomplish with books what bombs could not achieve. He taught the world a lesson in peacemaking that should never be forgotten.
Best wishes to author

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