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Three Friends

by Shreemoyee Roy
(Kolkata, India)

"Breaking news!! Breaking news!! Bandhabnagar is in headline… "

"Give me one"
"No, First me."
Fights broke out for buying newspapers that morning.

"Children got New Grandparents!" Headlines of English papers read.

Mrinmay Mitra, Somok Chatterjee and Tannsitha Sen are the names pronounced by lips of the town, the state as well as the country."

Let's go back to the past and know about them.

Once in the town of Bandhavnagar, there lived three little friends- Mrinmay Somok and Tanny who were very close and bosom friends from childhood. They played together, studied togethe, and helped each other in every possible ways. All the three had big dreams to fulfil, one of which is making their hometown famous in the country. They used to discuss unique ideas which other so called social workers had never thought of, but the immature brains didn't find any. They were growing day by day and shining in their own prospects. Not all three of them were in the same route, but friendship bound them as tightly as possible.

A decade later during a dusk, while watching the beauty of the horizon after sunset, the Manager of the top MNC, Bengaluru, standing by the glass shutter, suddenly saw a view, a very sweet scene attracted her attention… AN IDEA struck…

"Krring krring" Putting down the laboratory gadgets … Somok ran to the Phone … its a video call.

"Tagore song rings...," putting down the Examination sheets, Mrinmay rushed towards the phone to attend the video call!!

"Our dream would be fulfilled … an idea clicked… agree??" broken words from Tannistha Sen.

"Agree," said Mrinmay and Somok together… They started "Let us know your idea…" "What are our duties to fulfil?" "Whats the cost estimate?"

"Calm down guys, All other side will be handled
by me … You should only …"

"Only what Tanny" asked both together. "Make a survey of the area, survey the families who are troubling old aged folks and bring orphans from various places for their rehabilitation. So did you get my idea clearly now guys?"

"You want to bring old aged people and orphans under the same roof. Each of them will get something that improves their live, give happiness and the old men and women get willpower to live more days and take care of their little grandchildren. There will be friendship among them and little children will learn to live," said Somok. He added, "I am applying for leave and start my survey as soon as possible."

"I opt to approach my Heads for their education whose money should be donated by all of us together," said Mrinmay.

"I'm really proud to have friends like Somok and Mrinmay," said Tannistha.

Thus "THE GRAND HOME" happened!!

The friendship is made to be with each moment of happiness and sorrow. Mrinmay Somok and Tannistha were friends to fulfil dreams and help others to dream big. Wish for more friendship like them. Though friendship is something that cannot be concluded rather is very new and evergreen each time we meet a friend no matter old or new. We can define these feelings in poetic way ...

A Friend in need is a friend indeed
We know since we were kids
No words we felt or understood then
Just a playmate from sunshine to rain
A call from home was a waste of time
Rather from friend was like musical chime
Felt the meaning when later teens
Talked to
Stayed together and felt how deep it means
We stay beside. Though not close
Always with confidence on whom we chose!!


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