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Three little angels-contd...

by Manasa A
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

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Soon, Megha had a normal delivery, and gave birth to two girl babies. But the kids were kept in NICU. The family was informed that nothing can be said until the next 24 hours. It was a very difficult time for the family. In the meanwhile, that night in the hospital, Megha received a shocking news that one kid in the NICU passed away. She was thinking why the hell was I blessed with a baby if I had to loose it this way. Some time later, she received another good news stating that it was not her baby, and she was so relieved and thanked her stars! The kids were kept in the NICU for the next 2 months. The hospital was 15 miles away. The kids were fed on their mother’s milk, brought to the hospital every day. Her father in law had undertaken this task upon himself to get it to the hospital in the morning and her husband would bring it in the evening.

They shifted the house as advised by the astrologer, before bringing the babies home.. All were highly educated people in Megha’s house. But when they have no solution to such encounters in life, they decided to shift the house. As soon as they shifted to the new house, as they say if someone had set their bad eyes on this family, father in law suffered stroke. Sharvani was busy with her kid and had started working from home. Megha went to her mom’s house for post-natal delivery and to take extra care of her premature babies.

Father In law was admitted into a hospital for naturopathy treatment to regain his health. Here Sharvani had to struggle with a 5 month old baby, work from home, and setting up the new house. She had her mom and dad for her support. She would cook the breakfast and dinner for Rakesh and Sadak and herself. Her mom would come in the morning at 9 and stay till 5 pm. After a month’s treatment, her father in law was back home hail and healthy. Megha was also back to her marital home with her two baby girls, when they were nine months old.

Presently, the three angels are growing up happily in the midst of two fathers (Rakesh and Sadak) and two mothers (Megha and Sharvani), 3 grandfathers and 3 grandmothers (In laws of the family and parents of the ladies). Now we see a considerable change in Rakesh. He is also trying to become close to the so called “fancy husbands” group. The bonding has increased between Rakesh and Megha. As Sadak says Rakesh is slow in everything, showing love to his wife also took some amount of time.

The life experience taught me that by being together in a joint family we can face all the obstacles and overcome the problems with minimum effort, through unity and understanding.


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Dec 11, 2014
Good Article
by: Mithila

Good One Manasa :-)

I can totally empathize with Megha. I too conceived late (after 5 years of my marriage) and though nobody pointed it out to me directly,I could feel the pressure and hated being the centre of sympathy!!!

Though nuclear families are on the rise, nobody can challenge the benefits offered by the Joint Family system. After all, Unity is Strength!!!

Dec 05, 2014
by: ManasaA

Thanks, this meant a lot to me. This is my first story and was eagerly waiting for comments.

Dec 05, 2014
Nice thought
by: Anita Bhattacharjee

Well narrated. I could identify myself with the charaters in the story. Even I don't have a child and I know how it feels.Even I believe that good relation with inlaws is the essence of marriage. Keep it up!

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