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Three Mischievous Guys

by Moly Basu
(Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Three Friends decide to go for cycle rider and keep the close look of that town. They are name is Ricky, Dicky, and Kicky. Guys start there cycle rider but not say to their mom and dad. After some time they search here and there but not get it. Guys are 7, 8 and 9 years old. Guys go on there on way. Sing a song with cycle rider and also make fun, do not thinking that mom and dad search us. Before going for a ride they take heavy breakfast so do not worry about food.

They ride through railway track and in garbage area were whole city garbage fall. Now ride from the side of the river and stop there. Playing with river water and also wash face in river water. There they show one man how to sell peanut but they do have money to buy it. After that guys think to make fool him and take peanuts. At that time one man comes to buy peanut and guys fool him for peanut. He pays for them and goes from there.

Now guys ride from someone garden where they show guava tree stop there but the tree is so high they can't get a hand on it. Dicky tries to climb to that tree and others are watch if someone coming or not. Dicky takes three guavas and comes down. After that guy rubs that guava in their clothes and has it. After that start ride again after half an hour’s ride guys think for fun in park but again they do not have an entry fee to in there.

Guys go back sides of that park were they see one gate that has broken. Guys
go in from there and play on there but they do not lock there cycles it just lying in the broken gate. When guys come back to that broken gate cycles are not there. Guys show the thief and follow them to get back there cycles. At that thief get hit to a light post and fall down. Guys caught him and hand over to police. Its evening time, now guys feel hungry they want to eat something but no money what to do guys thinking?

At that time Kicky show someone pocket 100 rupees note fall down he just pick it up and give sweet shop guy for some foods. Take that food and have it. Now take the way home because it winters time guys not take their jackets with them to take away to home. In the way, guys change their mind and say speedy up ride so we do not get cold. Therein way they see one cake shop stop there and watch what is happening there? That time one lady take the hot chocolate cake in one packet 6 cakes and other one 3 cakes guy's see that.

Lady forgot to take 3 cakes packets, Kicky see that he pick that packet and run to hand over this packet to that lady but she was gone from there. Guy's taken that cake and eats it. At that shop, watch Shaw at 10.00 pm. Ricky says now we should go home it is too late but not go in from the front door. Go from back door and entry to their bedroom. When their mom came they are in their own room. Guys are from the same family and cycle ride ends here.


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