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Three Sweet Words

by Soma Bose
(Pune, Maharastra, India)

"Sorry," "Thanks" and "Please"- these three words have lots of benefits as these words are linked to better mental health, better relationships and a sense of satisfaction. In this story, I am going to tell a story of my grandma to explain how these three words are good in favour of positive thoughts.

In order to attend a relative's marriage ceremony, she left her home alone. The venue was in another state where the language was different. She probably could not talk in any other language other than mother tongue.

Not one of my family accompanied her throughout the journey. My father accompanied her on the way to reach the proper railway compartment and berth. From there he bid adieu to her. Next morning, the train reached the proper destination. My grandma was looking for a taxi to reach the relative's house. She realized that nobody was understanding her language. She raised her hands but not a single taxi or car stopped there. Suddenly she observed a traffic police controlling the traffic in the middle of the street.

Other than the mother tongue she was only well versed with three words and their meanings, that were- please, sorry and thank you. She shouted, "Please, please." The traffic police noticed her voice and wanted to help her. It looked that she was trying to find something. She pointed out to a taxi. The police man called a taxi and she went inside. My dad already had written the destination
address on a paper which she handled very sensibly. Probably it was written in English and the driver was able to read it out.

On the way, the car stopped at a red light. Both the driver and my grandma realized that the car had touched another car's back sphere inappropriately. It was just a short of awareness. It was all about an argument just began between the two car drivers, my grandma felt the negative energy vibrating between them. She came in between them and she brought her full energy to say sorry in a polite tone. Magically, this stopped the blaming game between two and literally they smiled back at each other! Finally, the taxi reached the proper destination.

It was still hard for grandma to step inside the proper house. It was beyond her judgement among a series of houses. As the most houses were inside a narrow lane, it was the most basic way for a driver to drop a passenger ahead of the lane. This driver too stopped the taxi outside the lane. At the time of getting down from the taxi, she genuinely wanted to say "Thank you" to the driver and she undoubtedly said it. Her such gratitude inspired the driver's kindness to help her. He also stepped out of taxi and helped her to find out the proper house.

My story ended with this lesson, whatever the situation may or might be, accept the three words and move forward.


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Apr 14, 2023
It's true And really work
by: Sunny Joshi

It's true and really work this three megically word but sometimes people does not understand and of three word megical and start fight could be orally or physically this is not good way but I would like to tell one thing it is amazing story

Aug 05, 2022
Even illiterates understand meaning of these words
by: Deepika (Biya)

The illiterate street vendors or the rickshaw pullers are aware of these three words. I often observed them using these words. India is a large country with multi-cultural ,multi lingual societies. Despite of such huge diversity these words are frequently used by the masses across the nation. Perhaps the Dhanyawad or kripya is well understood in northern belt only.

Aug 02, 2022
Its reality in recent times .
by: Rajesh Sharma

With the modernization in technology, the human life becomes quite easy and at the same time the human values have taken a back seat. These three magical words are very relevant in present era to express gratitude and to bring back the normalcy in relations. I noticed that even small kids who even can't utter common words of their mother tongue properly have been using these three words in a very effective way. Really -surprising. Isn't it ?

May 23, 2022
Thank you
by: Shobha

Thank you for such a nice story. I will use this as a bed time story for my children.

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