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Through the Past

by Sharanya B
(Trivandrum, India)

Don't search for me in the places I've left,
Don't track my ancient footprints,
refused to fade but partially concealed in dust,
Only walk along, don't step on them,
they're highlighted in red;
Don't let the echoes of my long-forgotten cries,
resonating in air deceive your tread,
Do not bend down, pick up the rubble
scattered and wonder whether to adore them
or simply analyse,
For they're just the debris fallen over,
fragments from shattered dreams,
Not your's to keep, not your's to examine.
As you walk bare feet,
the gentle pricks of brown mud on your skin,
Don't be tempted to draw
figures on it with your toes,
They won't separate to your designs,
the impressions have already been made...
Here and there, pools of sparkling,
iridescent liquid, you may find...
Don't lean over, for on it
you will never find your reflection...
Only walk and walk,
Until you're tired of the journey,
until realization strikes,
This place won't react to your existence,
You're welcome to then bid goodbye,
a gentle snap out of the hologram
I've created to someone curious of my journey,so far.


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