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Time and Again - contd

by Uddipta Dutta

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I just smile and Chandan leaves the place as a man nearby starts calling him by his name. Chandan is such an energetic caretaker of us. I touched my forehead. A sign of a two-year-old cut is there. I look at my hands and legs all seem pretty good to me.

It is my new house nowadays. I have a lot of companions here. We share our stories, our contentment, dejections, yearnings everything here. I glance at my watch. It's 9.30. Tanisha must be in the office by now. What she might be doing now? Must be reading about the news of the accident at William road. She is the executive editor of “Mumbai Now” after all. Tanisha has no idea what I am doing here. She must be trying to figure out the invisible knot between the recent accidents and the legend of the phantom with the car. She always loves solving mysteries. Can she solve this one too? My wallet is still keeping one duet photo of us together. "Lovers Forever"- is written at the backside of the picture. Forever? This word is a big lie. I have learned Love, trust nothing lasts forever. Sorry Tanisha, my love. I failed my promise to keep my promise of being with you forever and standing by you for your whole life. I met with an accident at the crossroad two years ago on a rainy night. I was alone in my car. Tanisha could not come due
to workload. That night my all-time favourite companion deceived me. That night my best friend, my long-time companion contessa car's brake failed shamelessly all of a sudden in the William road. I tried to stop the car. I yelled for help and screamed so that others would go away, but all efforts went in vain. And eventually while trying to save itself from a truck coming from the opposite side, it hit the peepal tree at the crossroad. Since that day, I have been encountering a lot of accidents on rainy nights in the last two years. I look at my dearest blue colour contessa car which is standing there in the ground and still holding into its former pride.

Yesterday also, I saw one car near the peepal tree out of nowhere while coming home. I was shocked. I was trying to control my car. But as usual, my brake was not responding to my control. Even I shouted at them to go away, as I knew I would not be able to control my car. But, just like others, they did not listen to me. Nobody listens to my screams, neither they listen to the honking of my sweetheart car. They are never going to listen to us. Instead, they will put every blame on the phantom of the crossroad! Yesterday, for the twenty-sixth time no one listened to us. Only here in my new home, my new family members of this crematorium listen and believe in me aka Late Ayush Sharma’s story.


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Mar 28, 2021
The blue countess
by: Linda Surendran

The story is quite gripping...
But t the clarity of the scene is evading..
Maybe I should read it again...
Or te short film could clear the fuzz in my brain
Super attempt.... Keep it up

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