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Timmy and Rosa

by Sharmila Roy Ghosal
(Dehradun, India)

Timmy the young monkey was swinging from one branch to the next, he was new to the forest and had no friends. Most of the animals were busy with their daily chores and the young ones were playing.

Timmy sighed, he yearned for company but was hesitant to approach the young ones. Timmy had reached the end of the forest when suddenly he heard a voice crying, climbing down from the tree and going towards the source of the sound, Timmy saw a bunny trapped in a pitfall trap. Opening the door of the trap, Timmy gently lifted the bunny Rosa and set her on the ground.

Word spread far and wide that naughty Rosa who had ventured alone into the forest, lost her way and had fallen into a pitfall trap to be saved by Timmy the monkey. Timmy and Rosa became the best of friends.

It was Timmy’s birthday, and Rosa decided to gift him a bunch of bananas. But where was she going to get the bananas from? Most of the gardens in the Black forest were empty of fruits.

Ren, the crow, informed Rosa that Dina, the elephant, of the Evergreen forest had a garden full of ripe bananas. The crow also informed Rosa that Dina loved mushrooms and would part with a bunch of bananas only in exchange for a basket full of mushrooms.

The Black forest was very far from the Evergreen forest, and there was no way Rosa could reach the place.

As days went by, Rosa became crestfallen. Timmy who had noticed the change in Rosa and had heard the conversation between Rosa and the crow, smiled to himself.
Early the next morning, Dina was surprised to see a monkey with a basket full of mushrooms at her doorstep. She was overjoyed.

Next day it was Timmy’s birthday, someone pressed the doorbell. No one was outside, but Rosa opened her door to the greatest surprise of her life, a bunch of bananas.
The party was a great success, the two Rosa and Timmy remained friends forever, but Rosa could never understand how the bunch of bananas had arrived at her doorstep.


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