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Tomato Soup

by Subashri Vinod
(Chennai, India)

Spicy and tasty tomato soup,easy to make. I learnt this recipe from my mom.

Ingredients required :

a) 2 big size onion
b) 5 Medium sized Tomatoes cut in medium pieces
c) 3 Green Chillies (depends on how much spicy you like).
d) 1 small spoon of ginger garlic paste
e) 2 spoon of pepper and jeera powder
f) Salt to taste.
g) 1 tablespoon Oil.
h) Mustard seeds.
i) 2-3 spoon of coconut milk

Method of Preparation :

1) Heat oil in a cooker. Add a few mustard seeds.

2) Allow it to sputter. Add green chillies and ginger garlic paste.

3) Cook it on medium flame. Add onion to the above mixture and fry it for some time.

4) Then add tomato,pepper jeera powder and salt one by one.

5) Allow the mixture to cook it for some time and also stir in between.

6) After some time you will notice the mixture softens.Now add 700-800 ml of water.

7) Close the cooker with lid and keep it for 2 whistles.

8) Once the pressure stops, open the cooker, add 2-3 spoon of coconut milk and stir well.

Now it is ready to serve hot.

Tip:Same procedure we can follow it for vegetable soup by adding some vegetables.

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