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Tomorrow and Two Other Poems

by Caroline Kavitha David
(Bangalore, India)

By Caroline Kavitha David

That simple memory I bid goodbye,
To those lovely moments I say farewell.
To those wooing words, let me applaud you well said.
To that fancy tale spun , I believe good riddance.
A new day awaits ,
A new saga to unveil.
My morale not beaten ,
My strength risen again.
Hope leads me on , directing like an arrow.
Cause a dreamer I Am of a better tomorrow


By Caroline Kavitha David

There she was a child with a pink balloon,
At the roads end , her frock gently swaying .
The memory un-beckoned came rushing back ..
Her father and her and their laughter at the lanes end.
A driver in a hurry made them a memory ,
His moment of miscount and mine of a forever misery.
His cross to the grave but mine a living nightmare.
Years have passed and I see hope again..
But this little girl reminds me of mine .


By Caroline Kavitha David

Stealthy was his presence that crept upon me
His shadows though blanketed me with warmth.
I didn’t have to turn to know him as you see,
Its decades, what has been betweenhim and me.

Upon my gaze,he runs he hides.
His silly games of hide and seek
Temper me not, my patience withering wild
Time runs out for it doesn’t sleep.

Alas every love has its villain,
These more formidable than most its written
He fights to keep me in his sight
But they have come blockading his light.

Two nights later I see him again,
Disspelling the darkness I felt from within.
I said I waited, I knew he would come.
My heart full of joy and no misgiving .

A sad smile I saw whilst he said
Steadfast is my path as certain as east and west
For you I will come till the end of time.
Miss me just this once in a while.


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Jul 18, 2019
So damn good 👍🏻
by: Vinod Kumar

Great works !! Good usage of words at certain points..expecting loads more thrown out straight from heart..remember, you’re much more capable than this..the last lines of "tomorrow" morale not beaten my strength risen again..these lines speaks so much of’s just too good..Stay Blest !

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