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Trafficked - contd

by Dheekshitha Varshini R
(Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India)

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On reaching Malad (a place in Mumbai), Vikram sighed and smiled at Sapan.
“See, I told it was easy. Inform Veera, I will meet Radhika and come back. You and Pinky stay in the car with the girl,” Sapan went inside an old building which was in a semi-depleted status.
“Is Radhika a Dotorr ? Vikram ji?” asked Pinky scoffingly.
“Pinknyji, it would be nice if you could mind your own business, we will make your payment and drop you off in Malad bus stop in an hour”.

Pinky laughed scornfully and said “I will walk away immediately if you give me 50,000. Vikram ji did not tell me that the businennay seerious hai”.

“We will not pay more than 10,000 Rs, you have stayed with us only for 2 days and apart from eating you did nothing”.
“Vikram ji, you know what will happen if I go to the police?” Even before Vikram could utter a word, Sapan came back and said they have to go upstairs.
“Pinky, we will discuss later regarding the payment, now let’s take this girl upstairs.”
“Okay Sapanji, I think Vikramji is in tenson we will discuss later.”

The dilapidated staircase led to a long French door upstairs, the door was open and they entered into a room. An intriguing painting of a woman holding a fruit which lured every man’s desires was hung on the wall, the room had no windows, the lamp light lit the room. A door opened on the right side of the room and a foxy woman in her late thirties came into the hall, it was like she walked out of the Ravivarma painting that hung on the wall except the fact she was not holding a fruit.

She beamed her smile at everyone and cast her eyes on the young girl who was quivering around, Pinky was holding her tight so that Urvashi does not fall down on the floor.
“Who is this blubber? I don’t need her here.” Radhika spoke in a shrilly voice. She went back, looked outside and locked the main door.
“No she accompanied us to Bombay, Veera sent her with us.”
“Okay, what took you guys this long? Veera was worried, this is your first time you must be careful Sapan. I had to make the client wait for 2 hrs, even her passport is ready”.
“It was Madam Pinky who delayed our journey, Veera must hire someone else” as Vikram spoke, Pinky glared at him.
“Madamji, I do bussninay only for Veera’s sir face, they said only 10,000rs payment. I took risk coming with them. Ask them to give my share.”
Vikram opened his mouth but Radhika cut him off saying “Enough, now it is late already. Pinky, get her ready”. She showed her the bathroom, Pinky helped Urvashi go in. Sapan, Vikram, and Radhika went to another room where two Americans were seated.

“She will be here in 5 minutes,” Radhika assured the Americans.
“Hope she is worth all the wait”, said the white man who was sitting on the right side.
“How are you going to get through Visa process?” asked Radhika in a concerned tone.
“We have done it many times, we have got her a Nepalese passport ready. We will have our agent transport her to Europe. There are no stringent checks on Nepalese passport, we can easily evade Indian emigration check. Isn’t Sam?” he smiled at the second man next to him.
“Yep, it is as easy as eating a cake.”
Sapan and Vikram attentively observed the discussion. Occasionally Vikram opened his mouth in astonishment as the two white skinned guys elaborated the artifice of the business.
Vikram left the room, he went to Pinky and asked her to hurry up. As Pinky and Vikram brought Urvashi inside the room where the Americans were seated. They heard footsteps in the staircase, the door banged open Inspector Kamalnath was standing with his gun raised at them along with his troop. Radhika, Sapan and the other two Americans came out to see what was happening around.

Sapan immediately pulled out a dagger and held it close to Urvashi’s neck. The next split-second he was down on the floor, his arm twisted and Pinky’s feet over his face. She was raising a gun against all the culprits. Police surrounded the place, Urvashi breathed easy.

Trafficked – 18th July 2016

Six people involved in human trafficking were arrested in Mumbai last week. A girl named Urvashi
who went missing in Davanagere was rescued from human traffickers in Mumbai. Inspector Kamnath tracked down the culprits with the help of weed smokers and a sex worker. The weed smokers in Hubli gave the description about the culprits and a sex worker named Pinky called to the Victim’s mom stating somebody had written “help me” with the victim’s mother’s number on the Hotel wall in Gokak.

When the victim planned to go to the Hubli railway station, passing through a deserted graveyard; three men detained her in the graveyard, hauled her into a laundry van and took her to Gokak. Veera the main convict owned a hotel in Gokak, she was taken there and raped all night. Then Veera sent Sapan and Vikram to his small village house in Arabhavi, asked them to keep her there until he sells her to one of his clients. Urvashi in her vulnerable state wrote “help me” with her mother’s number on the bathroom wall before leaving the hotel. She was enslaved in the Arabhavi house without any access to the outside world. Inspector Kamalnath told that they tracked the culprits and anticipated their next move. Veera Bharad was trafficking this girl to America with the help of his henchmen and a porn star named Radhika. “Veera was smart enough to use a different number for his human trafficking business but was not smart enough to use a different phone”, said Inspector Kamalnath. He said with the help of the IME number they were able to trace all his calls and also trace his henchmen’s plan. He also added that when he personally met Veera, he was able to come to a conclusion that he was the culprit; he showed a photo of a different girl to deceive him and let him play as per his scheme. Pinky helped them with the information that Veera was planning to send her with Sapan and Vikram. The inspector told, they planned this operation with Pinky and assigned Pinky to help the girl. Pinky worked for Veera, she was a prostitute out of compulsion, she had to feed her family. She felt bad for Urvashi, she informed police about Veera’s plans and saved Urvashi from being trafficked. Urvashi who had catastrophic experience is now recuperating with the support of her parents and friends.

After reading the article, Rajesh gave an evil grin and threw the magazine down on the table. He was the one who set a trap for Urvashi. He was one of the most intelligent candidates in IIT Delhi, but once he was thrown out of college in the final year for misbehaving with a girl. Somehow, he was allowed to complete his degree with a warning, no case was filed against him as the Director showed some mercy on him. He was rejected by many companies for placement. After 2 years he got a job, Winston & Son’s a construction company hired him knowing about his low morals. The CEO of Winston Lee Dawson was the son of a long dead drug lord, following his father’s reins he indulged in human trafficking. He has many agents all over the world, but no one can track him since those agents never know whom they are working for. They just get their payment for the job they do.

Rajesh personally mesmerised Urvashi by giving her more attention during his classes, he was aware that Urvashi would come after him, he made sure that Urvashi received the news about him leaving to the US. He knew he would get a chance to meet Urvashi, his idea was to abduct Urvashi when she comes to meet him at the hotel, but he was asked to seize all his ploy and move to the US before completing his mission. He was instructed that the rest will be taken care by the senior agents. In frustration he left to the US, he informed his girlfriend Shakshi to co-operate with the cops so that they don’t get into trouble, Shakshi also played her part well. Normally human traffickers opt for orphans and poor girls as the task becomes easy, Rajesh chose Urvashi to quench his vengeance against Ranga Reddy. Once Rajesh’s father was humiliated by Ranga Reddy as he was an outcast to enter their temple, ever since then Rajesh was waiting for an opportune moment to bring disgrace to their family. He felt happy when Veera’s team was arrested, now that he will be able to prove he was better than them.

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Sep 10, 2017
Good one
by: Your Name:Ramya

Dheekshitha , Good one for a start. Love the way you narrate. Write more, good luck.

Aug 29, 2017
Nail gripping
by: Ram

I could seen the scenes through my eye. Is this a true story?

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