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by Hassan Hayati

Sometimes I think of the day we must get separate
It is not a lie, but true, and it comes soon or late
My words are not heard by you that day
I tell them to you through my God; this is the only way
My heart’s dove sits on a branch, for the broken wing
My love bird is dumb, has forgotten to sing
You should travel alone to the other world, alone
God tells me so, and I leave the world on my own
But if you start the travel earlier than I
I will cheapen the life and world, I also die
Without you, life is nothing to me on earth at all
With you, death is sweet, a new birth you call
My heart’s hymn is heard, when you are beside
With you, I have the glory, happiness and all pride
But the destiny by the almighty has been set
Is not escapable and you shouldn’t feel upset
Life is said to be confined to two days; one is the rest
Be the symbol of veracity, and keep love in your chest


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