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Turn Of Events- contd

by Vaman Acharya
(Bangalore, India)

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The train reached Dadar Railway station at 11 a.m. Bhargavi got down at the station. There was another trouble awaiting Bhargavi outside. When she came out of Dadar station, a gang of five youths approached Bhargavi and demanded her bag. She told them that her bag was already snatched away by the gangsters in the train. Those youths were possessing dangerous pieces of equipment. During the broad daylight, these youths were threatening her to hand over the bag. There were no police nearby to help her. She had already made arrangement for her safety, by the way of informing the police to wait at the railway station. As per the prior arrangements two police constables arrived at the spot. Those misguided youths were about to run, cops arrested them and sent to police custody.

Bhargavi directly went to the court to join her senior on the same day. But nobody was there. She was fresher in the legal profession. Bhargavi was entrusted to collect pieces of evidence of the murder case. She went to Chennai to collect the same. In the train, robbers snatched her bag. Bhargavi was most intelligent and expected anything may happen. She had kept all the important papers in her inner dress and took the bag out in a separate restroom meant for ladies. The bag snatched by the robbers was filled up with waste papers. She was not worried about losing the bag.

Bhargavi was waiting for her senior to lead the evidence and argue in the case. But her senior was held up in a case in another court hall. The honourable judge arrived in the court hall well in time. In the absence of the senior, the Hon'ble Court asked the lady junior advocate to conduct/argue the prosecution case. Bhargavi was surprised to get the opportunity given to her. She took it as a challenge and accepted the opportunity given to her by the judge. It was a sensitive case of the cold-blooded murder of an industrialist of Mumbai.

Before commencing the argument, Bhargavi submitted the piece of pieces of evidence to the judge. The defence case on behalf of the accused was taken up by Mahesh Poonawala, a famous criminal lawyer of Mumbai. At that stage, the lawyers on either side have completed producing evidence based on witnesses, main and cross-examinations and other documents like the weapon used, time of incident etc..., so at the stage of judgement the arguments go out on the depositions (what witness said) and other documents mean to suggest. After the judge goes through all the pieces of evidence on
oral and documentary proofs and considering the arguments put forward, the judge draws his own conclusions. He would state in his judgement why a particular defence of accused is not acceptable. This is how the matter went on while referring to Criminal Procedure Code sections and IPC provisions.

Bhargavi was surprised to see the main accused in the witness box, who was none other than the young man spoke to her in the train. He was a fraudulent person. All his degrees were fake. The other two accused were robbers in the train. The honourable judge was very much impressed by the way in which the case was handled by Bhargavi.

The spectators present in the court were listening to the arguments from both sides patiently. The judge verified the pieces of evidence and the presentation of facts provided by both the advocates, pronounced the judgement. The accused number one was awarded the death sentence. The other two culprits were given rigorous imprisonment of one year. The accused were given one month time to appeal in the higher court.

All the accused were working in the Manjushri Food Products company private limited based in Mumbai. The company was manufacturing sweet oil under the brand Manjushree. Accused number one Karthik was working as an Accounts Officer and managing all the financial matters. Accused number two Sunil was working as a clerk and accused number three Ramesh was a peon in the same company. Karthik took the help of these guys. They were planning to loot rupees twenty-five lakhs of the company by crooked means. They were successful in their efforts. Thereafter, it was pointed out by the chartered accountants that rupees twenty-five lakhs were misappropriated in the bank account. By the time the company filed FIR against these persons, they were absconding.

The police team traced out Karthik, Sunil and Ramesh after six months and produced them in the court. Out of anger, these persons murdered the chairman of the company and went underground before their arrest. They came to know that Madam Bhargavi, a junior lawyer of Chakrapani Associates Law Firm was entrusted to collect information/pieces of evidence from Chennai. Karthik told his assistants to follow Bhargavi in the train as robbers and snatch the bag with her. Both had played drama in the train.

The senior lawyer of the Chakrapani Associates Law Firm arrived at the court after everything was over. He appreciated his junior lawyer Bhargavi for her brilliant way of handling the case.

Bhargavi had proved that she was capable to handle the case successfully with the challenge. The turn of events in life was memorable to her.

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Apr 12, 2019
Good Attempt
by: VananAcharya

Thank you for your comment dated 11th April'19
I have noted your observations. It is a feedback for me.

Apr 11, 2019
good attempt
by: Your Name:

It was a good story.However,it was very simple in plot.You could have developed the story to a large extent.Use Ernest Hemingway's iceberg theory:don't provide all the details to your reader.Leave something for them to interpret and form their own opinion about it.

Jan 19, 2019
by: Vaman Acharya

Thank You, Red Hibiscus for your comment.

Jan 18, 2019
Turn of events
by: Red Hibiscus

I like this Story so much, saved to my bookmarks. I found it to be interesting and loaded with unique points of interest. I like to read material that makes me think. Thank you for writing this great content.

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