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by Soma Bose
(Pune, India)

It was "Twilight"-
When sun set was about to hit the water-
The turtle rose up and sunk down deeper,
All swans turned towards shore,
It was the last light of day- twilight wanted to assure.
Birds sounded sad while were returning to nest,
as day intensely focused on to take rest.
Sky forced its mind to split into two parts-
One was hiding the sun, another one needed to see
the rest day focus.
It was "Twilight"-
A boy loosely tied a string with his finger-
It just hold a kite lighter-
No strength, no weight-
The boy tried to wipe dust and sweat-
He knew soon the string might break,
And the kite would float away with or without any trek.
It was "Twilight"-
The ship looked haggard and careworn,
As if it suddenly felt the sun was setting down.
The wheels were still in pace under deep water-
Water insides bubbled-
Crews could sense that they should reach the shore earlier,
The bell from the deck was jingled and jingled.
It was "Twilight,"
A booming sound came from the entire landscape,
The rolling terrain glistened purple-
Through the dark metal line-
A long running train was heading towards a shrine.
It was "Twilight,"
Mothers wanted to call back their child from day's final play,
By the time they looked back, a dark line seemed on the bay,
The darkness of evening coming down by nature's art,
Their nerves pulsing like a tiny orange heart.
It was "Twilight,"
The day tried to meet evening's eyes,
His head lolled against her chest,
His work was done since sun's rise.
Evening hugged day's waist-
She said, "Can you feel? my bond is too tight!"


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