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by Hassan Hayati

“She must be under care and absolute rest,” taking a breath, “For IVF pregnancies it is common,"

said Dr. Razavi, with a meaningful smile on her white round face.
“One girl and one boy," she continued with excitement, for all the efforts she had made.For Shadi, Dr. Razavi was now the Angel from Heavens!
She had made lots of efforts to make a solution for this problem.

The problem rose from Shadi's wrong decision, marrying her ex husband Saeed, who was a university classmate grown up in a rich family. Eight years have gone by since they were divorced.

In the very beginning, 12 years ago, everything was good. Many elegant clothes as well as first grade house equipments, expensive car and brilliant furniture, all were provided. Sometimes difficult rules of living made her somehow anxious. The main anxiety was not this, though. First spark was the murmurs from Saeed’s mother, living in the upper flat.
“The bride of our family must give birth to strong sons to keep our family name alive.”
The sentences like this brought a sense of horror or maybe abhorrence to her heart and mind. She decided not to take such comments seriously in the beginning, but sometimes inevitable. When she compared the case with her own family, a middle class and simple family, she thought a sort of regret of this marriage.

The daily life was going on till the time she found her pregnancy out. Saeed also showed happiness by presenting the ruby necklace as the gift to 'My son’s Mom'.
This new title made a sense of premonition for Shadi. And this time again the sense was true.
The Medical ultrasound said the baby was a girl. The heart beats of the God’s gift in mother’s womb spoke for her. Shadi was listening carefully to the baby and her girlish coquetries, especially for her father.

Unfortunately, Shadi didn’t know how to deal the matter with that family with those egoism ideas. Even Saeed was somehow influenced with the thoughts; he didn’t show any unusual reaction at first though.

But the title “son’s mom" was ringing in Shadi’s brain. Yes, gradually the feedbacks arrived, talking about other pregnant women in relatives, soon having a son. Also other sarcastic sentences, made her really annoyed and all these caused persistent oppression for her. She was under the direct supervision of doctors and since the drugs were harmful for the baby, she was always tolerating the pain.

She had completed five months of pregnancy and exactly the time a mother needs especial care to have healthy and calm condition for the growing baby. Shadi was suffering from mental pressures received from the environment made by all those jeers. She wanted to forget the annoying attitudes of her husband's family, but the brain was always busy repeating the abusing.

During one of her periodic visits, the doctor said that unfortunately the high amount of blood sugar caused by harmonic discharges has reduced the oxygen to baby’s cells which consequently causes innate defects.

Thinking of a handicapped baby with this family made her disappointed. And after couple of days she was totally destroyed. All of a sudden she dropped to the floor while trying to stand up.
“Unstable blood pressure has caused
the vertigo and she had fallen down,” said the doctor. “Unfortunately the baby is lost and abortion is my diagnose," she continued with a very sad voice.

After this event, they could not establish the new episode of life on the basis of love and interest, although these sorts of shocks usually bring more love between the couple. For the first couple of months she received attention from her husband, but after a year and the matter of enabling to have babies made the case more complicated.

Her body was totally damaged and in the other side Saeed's mother and all other unwilling facts convinced her for a divorce after nearly four years of married life.

For the next two years, she stayed at home, totally disappointed. Once she decided to register for an English course but realized it was not easy to ask her parents for the fee, although the family supported her more than before.

She thought she must find a job and that were the new rays of lights coming to the dark stage of her life. She started working in a small workshop making the paper cartoons of packing ready for bigger companies.

There were three women as workers and a man as the manager and owner of the workshop. The women had become very close to each other and had a good time of working. They had tea break at 10.30 am and lunch at 1.00 pm. They worked till 5.00 pm and all these hours passed lovely. But Amir, a thirty five suave man, and always alone, did not join the workers for any purpose. He just transferred the job orders through his oldest worker Maryam to the other workers and this was almost a rule.

It was going to be routine life for Shadi when one day Maryam told her about Amir. And that he had lost all his hope after his wife had left him and migrated to Europe. She also told her that his wife was a sort of woman who was not satisfied with Amir. Amir was a very intelligent gentleman who was really damaged from his unsuccessful marriage.

Working for a year and getting a good view in the workshop, Shadi had a feel of sympathy to Amir and she knew that Amir had the same thought about her. But none dared to declare it. Maryam, who knew both sides well, could draw a picture of this resemblance in her feminine mind and found that they are right persons for each other, so decided to turn the future brightening for them.

Her efforts saw the fruits and they were married about seven years ago. Life was much more beautiful than they thought. The only problem was with Shadi who could not be a mother with her damaged womb. It was not very important at all since they really loved each other. Shadi thought Amir loved kids, but he was so nice to her and didn't express his this interest.

As the days passed, Shadi decided to cure the damage under the close supervision of Dr Razavi.
After many examinations and consultations, Dr decided to opt for the IVF method and this was the result - twins - a boy and a girl!


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Jul 23, 2016
by: Pascal

moving story, as always, hasan
full of deep feelings and sensitiveness
keep writing them...

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