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Two Friends

by Jayasudha Bhaskaran
(The Nilgiris,Tamilnadu,India)

It was a dense forest with a pond at its centre. The pond was the home for many fishes and crabs. A parrot lived on a tree which was next to the pond. The parrot and a crab living in the pond were good friends.

The crab used to come out of the pond in the evenings to meet the parrot. One day the parrot and the crab were seriously discussing something.

It was then that a hunter spotted the parrot sitting on the tree branch. They hunter took out his bow and arrow. He tried to target the parrot using his bow.

Suddenly the crab saw the hunter trying to kill its friend. The crab informed the parrot of the danger and the parrot flew away immediately.

The hunter tried to follow the parrot. The crab then rushed to the hunter and it held the hunter's toes firmly. The hunter cried in pain and fell to the ground. The parrot flew away somewhere far.

The parrot then thanked its friend for saving its life.

It was another day and the parrot saw a fisherman with a fishing net in his hands.The man came near the pond and spread his net on the pond. The crab got struck in the net and the fisherman tried to kill the crab to put it in his basket. The parrot immediately flew towards him and pecked him on his head. The parrot followed him and pecked him severely. The fisherman ran away in pain leaving the net aside. Then the parrot helped the crab to come out of the net. The crab thanked the parrot for its help.

MORAL: A friend in need is a friend indeed


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