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Two Poems

by Mithuna S.Nath
(Trivandrum, Kerala)


I scuffled with letters
I tussled with numerals
I fought a man and won
And go on brawling
With every bit of me.

Prized none and abhorred everyone,
Brooded day and night, over and over
My lack of knack to feel affection for
The Whole, perceptions and people.

Someone sheltered me within, safe and
Sound, executing every speck of resilience.
One masqueraded as a shepherd of hopes,
‘The essence of emancipation, you are’, he said
To lure me, eat me, drink me and be merry.

The reply from above, below or nowhere,
I stay for an authentic voice, saying, love
Is yet to arrive at my sealed gate, in line,
To break it and uncover an abandoned corpse.



The voyage has to close at an open entrance....
Somewhere atop the upper circle of stars,
My pea plant is on its trail, towards the skies....
The instant she arrives at the crest, I leap off my settle,
The leaf on which I sleep is kind-hearted, a squashy lap....
The gateway is apparent, a few feets ahead of our breaths,
It is time to put my steps and means out of the excited brains,
Rip the climber through its neckline, chop off
The polite arms, create countless cleaves, and crack
His bones, for no one shall share my triumph.......
He shall not stand stiff again to return and retrieve me
He shall crawl and turn a wretched python, run as roads,
As rails and roots, for ages, down there, where I lived.....


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Aug 09, 2015
by: preetham kopparam

Expressive, deep n.....true
luvd the first's simple yet hit on the point

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