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Unconditional Love of a Mother

by Suriakumari
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Sita slowly opened her eyes, she was in a trance. Her mind and body terribly exhausted oblivious of the sequence of events that had occurred in the last 24 hours. Doctors attended promptly since the media already aired the news last night.

Amalamma looked at her daughter, her face griped in pain, her uncombed hair falling on her eyes. Yesterday was stressful and different from other normal days. Amalamma got up early and finished her daily chores. She packed the cooked porridge in an aluminium box. The work starts at the estate exactly by eight in the morning.

She cannot afford to be late otherwise there would be a volley of verbal abuses from her supervisor. Her daughter Sita was aware of this problem. They have to cover quite a long distance to reach the estate. Sita was not only a very naughty child, but also full of curiosity. She enjoyed her daughter's pretty smile and it silently kindled adulation in her heart. She was her life line after her husband left them after Sita's birth, still she never detested him. They led a very simple life with two meals per day and their simple and rustic life kept them away from other complexities of this world. Amalamma accepted her fate without indignation, so their tranquility was never disturbed.

Amalamma put the thatch of the door and checked the house to see if every thing is intact. She reached for her daughter's hand and started her walk. The weather was slightly hot, sun shone brightly on the greenery around. Few coconut trees bent sideways hungry to get sunlight. Mother and daughter covered almost two kilometers. Amalamma wiped the sweat on her forehead and watched her daughter walking barefoot. The birds in the forest chirped and cool breeze slowly embraced them. Sita was playful and loved the beauty of flowers. Suddenly a butterfly fell near Sita. Without any hesitation she put the butterfly in her tiny palm and caressed it lovingly. Within seconds, a leopard zoomed from the adjoining bush and bounced at the girl. Sita shivered and screamed.

Amalamma shocked at her daughter's plight jumped over the leopard with out a second thought. The leopard became panicky at the unexpected thud,took to its heels and disappeared in
the forest. Sita was semi conscious, blood oozing from her body staining the road. Amalamma unable to comprehend cried loudly, pearls of tears fell on her cheeks. She earnestly prayed God to help her daughter in her distress. Then she gathered courage looked towards the road. She felt utterly hopeless but her motherly instinct provoked her senses. After two minutes, a van was speeding up,Amalamma tried to invoke all the Gods's names and waved her hand. To her surprise, a van stopped and an young neatly dressed man alighted through the cabin door. He was carried away by emotions to sync with the situation. He put Sita in the cabin and made up his mind to save her. Amalamma admired him and wondered at his polished and caring quality. The van stopped in front of the hospital and Sita got admitted instantly.

Satish,a press photographer, was heading to the town to cover the Congress meeting to be held in the evening. Despite the resentment of his colleagues, Satish decided to help the unfortunate girl. He always believed service is the basic duty of all fellow beings, because of which he empathized with the little girl. In his heart of heart he always kept a slice of compassion for the needy. At the sight of the girl his memory went fast back to his childhood days in an orphanage and how his life took a turn with the blessing of a sponsor to the present state. Now he is a happy and contended man.

The girl was recuperating after receiving blood from the bank. When Satish reported the incident in the TV, the news became sensational and help started pouring in. One week of treatment brought back renewed vigor in Sita. Finally she got discharged and all the newspapers reported the latest news. Lady luck smiled at Amalamma, she was nominated for President's Bravery Award.

Now, after 10 years, Sita is a student of Govt High School and Amalamma is happily living in their newly built house with her husband, Murugan who joined them after hearing the accident. Life is always shrouded in mystery,unpredictable and inconceivable. To every one's surprise the news spread in the estate that God came in the form of a leopard to save Amalamma and Sita.

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Dec 07, 2015
by: Jeruthuruth

The estate people are blessed with love of God.

Apr 20, 2013
by: suriakumari

Thanks for reading the story.your comments are really words of encouragement.

Apr 06, 2013
Unconditional love of a mother
by: Pushpa raghuram. pushpa raghuram. Anonymous

Good Story. sad at first reflecting on the fate and ill luck of. a person. Takes a pleasant turn, despite the ugly accident and its consequences , which change the fate of a family.

Apr 06, 2013
by: nuggehallipankaja

Inspiring story!

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