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Until I Met - contd

by Swagata Roy
(Kolkata, India)

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“it’s 1932” after hearing this Nehakshi couldn’t believe her ears. She never thought that she also had to handle such a type of case which she had never believed. Nehakshi told Samayra to go on.

“can you tell me the name of the place, look around… try to find out,” Nehakshi asked

“The name of the place starts with M. mum… Mumbai…. Mumbai it is" Samayra answered.

“Tell me about yourself, look at yourself, what is your name? Tell me what you are wearing?” Nehakshi asked,

“I don’t know my name, I’m wearing a salwar, I …I have a knife in my hand?!… yes I have a knife in my hand …maybe I’m looking for someone…'' Samayra replied.

“Look around properly, can you see someone from your present life,” Nehakshi asked.

“Someone is saving me from aggressive people, she is calling my name… fa… name is Fatima… she is saving me from those people who are trying to kill me…” Samantha replied

“Why are they trying to kill you?” Nehakshi asked

“because I am a Muslim, ..” Nehakshi understood the scenario. Samayra was born in 1932 and when she was around 25, a massive riot took place in Bombay. Everything was very much surprised to Nehakshi.

“Do you know the girl? Look at her carefully…look into her eyes, maybe you know her from your present life..." Nehakshi asked.

“Maybe I know her… her name is Laali …she is my very good friend…" Samayra stopped, after a short pause she spoke, "I know her….yes, I know her…. she is Mindy…yeah she is Mindy…” Samayra said.

“good, what else can you see, tell me,” Nehakshi said.

“Laali is saving me from those men, no… no…." Samayra became excited suddenly.

"What happened?" Nehakshi asked her.

"They are killing Laali … no don’t….” Samayra shouted. Nehakshi told her to calm down. Samayra paused, after a few minutes Nehakshi asked, "what is going on Samayra?"

“Laali is dead, they killed her because she is Hindu, I am running…. I am running with somebody…. he is holding my hands… I still have the knife in my hand…” Samayra said,

“Try to see who he is. Do you know him? Look at him closely…” Nehakshi asked Samayra,

“His name is Zoravar…. he is saving me from the
fire in the house...” Samayra said,

"Do you know him? Do you know him from this life?” Nehakshi asked,

“His smile is familiar to me, he is holding me, he is a good person… he loves me…" she stopped, Nehakshi noticed Samayra was having goosebumps on her body.

"Are you okay, Samayra?" Nehakshi asked.

"Aryaman, he is Aryaman" Samayra replied. Nehakshi too had goosebumps. "He loves me, he is trying hard to save me, but I'm trying to find out the person whom I love, maybe he is dead,” Samayra answered. Samayra was silent for some time, suddenly she grabbed the sheets of the sofa, cringed her eyebrows.

"What happened, Samayra?" Nehakshi asked.

“A huge bomb blast took place….” Samayra answered and became silent. 30 seconds passed and she didn’t talk. Nehakshi asked her “Samayra, what are you seeing?”

“I am dead…. Zoravar is also dead… many people have died…. Everywhere is blood. I am floating…. Now I am in a peaceful place.” Samayra said and sighed deeply.

“Okay, you can rest now. You lived that life. And now you are born as Samayra. Tell me who are you?” Nehakshi asked,

“I am Samayra,” Samayra answered.

“good. You have a husband and two children, and you are pregnant again, you know this right?” Nehakshi asked,

“Yes, I know, I have a husband whose name is Debarth, two children, and I am going to be a mother again” Samayra answered.

“Good, now it is time to come back. Slowly, slowly, come back to this life Samayra” Nehakshi said.

After a few minutes, Samayra was sitting on the chair and smiling peacefully. She got all her answers that day. Samayra understood the sudden occurrence of Aryaman in her life. She understood Mindy’s concern towards her, she was in her happy place now.
The next day, she went to the office and learned that Aryaman had resigned from his job. Mindy told her that, before leaving he gave Mindy a thing and asked her to give that to Samayra, so Mindy took Samayra to her cabin and showed the thing, and left. A big frame was wrapped up with paper. She started to open that wrapping paper and after opening it she saw a painting, a painting of a woman who was holding a knife. That was the painting of Fatima.


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May 10, 2023
Loved it
by: Your Name:Shikha

Beautiful story.. I really enjoyed reading it. Hope you write more. Thanks

Nov 01, 2021
by: Your Name: Snehasish Mondal

Loved it totally. Keep on writing good stuffs like this. 💓

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