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Until Then

by Ananya Sarkar
(Kolkata, India)

The madness will pass
And my infatuation with you will dwindle to a speck
The embers of our love will then fail to rouse me from my torpor
And when you hear my name askance, it would take only a moment for it to flit away
Yes, a day will come when the sight of kites flying against the steel grey sky
Will only bring upon a chance remembrance of our surreptitious afternoons
And the moon alone will remember the passionate kisses that we shared
Embowered in trees and dreams
Yes, my love, all will come to naught
For that is the way of the world…
But until then, let us love to the zenith
Pour the darkness in each other’s souls
Drink ecstasy to the dregs
Crush our way through the winded world
And clasping, hand in hand, breathe in the sweet-scented delight
Before the lethargy of time, like a high-powered sedative blots out the memories
Slowly, finally, forever.


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