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Unveiling Mystery

by Shrestha Dutta
(West Bengal, India)

Once upon a time there lived a very honest, kind-hearted and loyal officer, named Mrinal. He lived in Gangulibagan, Kolkata with his wife Nirmali and daughter Medha.

One day due to heavy workload, Mrinal came out of his office at 11 pm. His wife was very worried and tried to call him but Mrinal had switched off the mobile because he was quite sincere about his work. When he came out of the office not a single taxi was there. At last a taxi came and he was relieved. He asked the taxi driver to take him to Gangulibagan and also discussed about the taxi fare.

When Mrinal reached his destination he gave the driver the fare. Since childhood, Mrinal had a habit of observing the car number and this time also he noticed it. His wife was waiting for him. He had the dinner and switched on the TV where he watched the news. His eyes caught on the breaking news “KOLKATA POLICE IS SUSPECTING THE TAXI NUMBER:WB52-6543 TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH THE CERTAIN KIDNAP CASES THAT OCCURRED IN KOLKATA FOR THE LAST FEW WEEKS". Mrinal was shocked to see this as the taxi by which he travelled to his home from his office was having the same taxi number. He quickly conveyed his message to his wife and she was also very much astonished. Later, Nirmali gave him an idea to contact with her uncle who was the then SP of Kolkata Police regarding this matter.

Accordingly, Mrinal called up him the next day but he was stunned to hear his reply. The SP told, “Kolkata Police had already banned the taxi two days ago but had not reported it to the media. I think you have made a mistake while seeing the number."

He told his wife and she was also entirely sure that he had made a mistake. But Mrinal was fully sure that he had seen the same taxi only.

Next day he intentionally came out of office late at midnight. Surprisingly, there was a taxi but no taxi driver. The taxi looked very similar to the taxi he saw yesterday but the taxi number was different.For some time he thought that every taxi looked the same and it may be some other taxi but it became as clear as crystal when Mrinal saw the same yesterday's taxi driver coming. Hopefully, the taxi driver had not seen him and taking advantage of it Mrinal hid himself in the rear side of the taxi. Later he saw three more men came into the taxi. Mrinal heard about their discussion and assumed that something was fishy.

Soon the taxi halted in a very lonely place full of dense forest. The four men came out from taxi and went into the deep forest. After their departure Mrinal came out of his hiding place and hid himself in the forest. Then he switched on the mobile phone and called his SP uncle and said,
"Uncle, I think I may help you to untie some crucial problem occurring in Kolkata. You please track my mobile and come where I am at present and also tell my wife not to worry about me as I am safe here."

Uncle replied, "What’s the matter? About what crucial problem are you talking, my dear?"
Mrinal said - “It’s not the right time to tell you everything but you please come here with your force." Saying this Mrinal ended the call.

Meanwhile the SP uncle got the information from the IB that some anti-social activity is going on near West Bengal -Bangladesh border but they didn’t know the exact location. When the SP tracked Mrinal's mobile phone it was near West Bengal Bangladesh border. By this time the SP was fully sure that Mrinal was correct and started their journey to that place with huge police force. Their uncle also communicated Nirmali and told that Mrinal was safe.

However, Mrinal began investigating the matter in that deep forest. Then after walking for a while he saw a large factory where a lot of people were coming and giving
suitcases to men wearing black dresses and those men were going into the factory and after wards some children were coming out from the factory and hugging the persons who came with the suitcases. Mrinal understood that it was a kidnap case and quickly conveyed the message to his uncle via SMS. After a while a huge police force came and announced the whole gang to surrender.

Then the gang-leader said, “If police won't leave the spot within 10 minutes then we will fire out all the innocent parents and children in the factory."

The SP said, "OK, most of our police force are leaving the spot but I am staying here to take the innocent people with me.”

But while the conversation between the SP and the gang-leader was going on, a part of the police force fitted remote controlled bombs all around the factory.

The police acted to move away but a huge part was hiding in the forest.

The SP took away the innocent people. But the gang-leader guessed that the police was playing some tricks with him and when he came out of the factory a police man bravely caught him and when all the innocent people were safe the police blasted the factory.

Mrinal, who was watching everything far away, came to the SP and the SP hugged him. Thus Mrinal, an ordinary officer helped the police to unwrap a huge criminal case.

Later, the gang leader also gave a lot of information about many more criminal cases while he was in the police custody. Mrinal was awarded prize for his braveness by the Governor and he was rewarded by Kolkata Police.

Now the question arises, why those four people came to that spot (in front Mrinal’s office) and why did this gang change the taxi number and how they get the supply of different number plates each day? Also, if the taxi in which Mrinal travelled home that day was linked with the gang then the police had banned which taxi earlier?

After investigating the matter the police came to know that a big businessman aided them (the gang) to carry on this anti-social activity and the businessman’s share was one-fourth of the income from this illegal activity. Later police arrested that corrupted businessman. Those four people of the gang had the responsibility to give a black suitcase and to receive a blue suitcase from that man but they never knew what was there in the two suitcases as both of them were locked.

After inspecting the whole matter the police understood the whole case—the gang provided the business man with false notes and in return they got real notes. The businessman also provided them with the forged number plates. The four people had newly joined the gang and didn’t know the rules and regulations of the gang properly, so one of them made a mistake of dropping Mrinal to his destination in that late night and this trivial mistake only helped the Kolkata Police to decipher this critical problem of Kolkata, obviously with the help of Mrinal. Police had also apologized for banning the taxi that was not at all associated with this case. Actually what had happened is that, the gang was using different name plates each day so one of the name plates matched with the taxi that was not included in this gang and the police mistakenly banned it but when the whole corruption was disclosed, the police permitted that taxi to be driven.

Thus nothing is impossible for a common man. If we want we can contribute our nation in some or other way. Being a good citizen it is our duty to do whatever we can do for the development of our nation. For e.g.: If we take oath not to get corrupted then there is no force in earth to make us corrupted. We elect a political party to power that doesn’t mean that only the government is concerned about the nation, we also love our nation and it is our responsibility to make India clean and corruption free to some extent.


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