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Upbringing - contd

by Manasa A
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

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Soumya was a also from a middle class family. She could make out that it was a struggle for her mother to arrange money for her education and for her desires. Soumya’s mother never made her feel that, “I am troubled because of you”. She always gave a feeling that “Money can be earned any time, but relationships are more important”. When Soumya’s brother was a toddler, her parents had moved away from her grandparents without any savings or place to live. Her father had a job which would fetch very little money. Still her mother did not give up. She was a great support to Soumya’s father. Soumya’s mother was from a well to do family. The pocket money she would get to her luxuries was the salary to Soumya’s father when they were married. She had known the way her mom had supported her dad, she never gave importance to money and ran to her maternal home, instead she managed the meagre salary brought by her husband with her wit and wisdom. After few years when Soumya’s grandfather was bed ridden, Soumya’s mother went to her rescue. She never had that ill feeling towards him, that he had taken off all her jewellery given by her brothers during her marriage. She was also instrumental in getting Soumya’s father’s siblings married.

With Nivedita it was a struggle all her life, be it food or education. She had to struggle a lot for the same. Nivedita, though she was pretty, never felt that she was pretty. Her parents and relatives, always condemned her for her browner complexion. For them, looks and money were more important. She never trusted anybody when it came to money matters. She never knew what trust meant in a relationship. “Children are always what their parents are”.

Both of them got married. Niveditha had rejected a lot of proposals, since the prospective grooms were not good to look, she got married to a person who was very smart and good looking and had money. He always expected her salary should be
given to him. Since Nivedita never trusted anyone in money matters, she had frequent fights with her husband. These petty fights piled up and eventually they divorced and she reached her parental home with her kid. She sometimes regrets, “There were many good people who had come my way, but I had rejected them because of their looks. Why was I so stubborn on looks and money?”

After she started earning well, looking at her name and fame, her father is nice to her. This always troubles her, but nevertheless she is taking care of her parents as well. Now Niveditha is heading a department of 100 people. She is most sought employee in her field.

Soumya didn't grow very high in her career. She gave more importance to family, but she is leading a contented life. After marriage Soumya’s brother in law incurred huge loss, she took a personal loan in her name and helped him come out of the trouble. Soumya’s brother suggested her not to take such a huge loan. He asked her to take in writing from her brother in law that he would return Soumya and her husband the money. She made only one statement, “Dear Brother, if you had incurred a loss, do you think I would ask you such a written statement? How do you expect my husband to do that to his brother?” Listening to this, her brother was very proud of his sister.

Soumya’s husband always listens to every small and big things she says. She tells generally there is a saying that, “Best husband is available only in books and not in real life”, but here she has been blessed with the best husband. With the way she describes her love towards her husband, a lady who doesn't miss her husband will start missing her. Anybody would fall in love with their better half after listening to the madness Soumya has towards her husband.

The lives of these two friends made me believe once again that parents are the role models of the children during their growing up years.


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