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Viraat - The Warrior Woman

by Ramesh Ramnath

Viraat on her last leg

Viraat on her last leg

30 years of her glorious regime
We have been part of her victory rhyme
She has now sailed into her retiring chime
A warrior woman, serving her country in best and worst of times

Your English tales are and still sung in west
The *falklanders have put the war to rest
Joining us breaking the world’s record at ease
And as the best
You have served long, as *mother of two navies,
it’s time for you to nest

We have seen her all, in all her faire
Deepen in wounds of her valor flare
Mended and stitched, she has been, being her flair
Ever held herself high in a stature so rare

Thanking you is and ineffable task
Oh mother of fleet, your sweat and blood was too much to ask
Going deep in ocean for long, now laying her metal
Never but can one lay down the spirit of your mettle

On this day for women, you are the one to be prayed
For tigers** and angles** have bowed to you with harpoons** laid
It’s you, we the warriors honor deep in our heart
Yet when you sleep, we hear the sonorous bell
sounding Viraat Viraat Viraat
And when you sleep, we hear the sonorous bell
sounding Viraat Viraat Viraat

* the aircraft carrier is always refered as mother of fleet. Viraat had served previously in UK Royal Navy and then commissioned into Indian Navy. She was the flag ship during the Falkland war 1982.
**tigers, angles and harpoon are the nick names of the flight squadrons of Harriers (fighter aircraft), Chetak(Search and rescue Helicopter) and Seakings(Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopter) respectively.
The mighty aircraft carrier Viraat was decommissioned on 06 Mar 17. The is the Women's day dedication on behalf of all Viraatees.


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