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Virgin and Another Poem

by Shabnum Khanum

1) Virgin
By Shabnum Khanum

Make me a virgin once again
Innate in beauty
Raw at my heart
Uncuff and spread me
Across the stars

Make me see the land again
Or Drown me to spare me the pain
I fear the fears
And keep happiness at bay
My time spends itself
Alone in midst of this day

Make me wish
Make me forget
Make me love again with no regrets
Make me a virgin once again
Innate in beauty
Unscathed at heart
Finding love from the start

Let me find this time
The dreams in my head
Let me live them
Let me be a good memory of myself
Happy at heart
With love playing its part

Make me a virgin once again
And show me everything that love claims

Show me someone who would take my pain
Mend the rest and make me whole again
Show me that
Or just let me rest

I will continue just being that women again
Who is dead but still in pain


2) Searching For Her Soul
By Shabnum Khanum

All her work flows through the stream
Searching for her soul
In another being
Like a song
Playing in her head
Her idea of him is a dread
Mixing of cocktails to make a drink
Magic of moon subtleties of a shrink
He stands there dreaded
Waiting to make move
Walking on thin ice
He is nowhere led
Measure the sight
See the sun
Fix their emotions
Left is none
Regret the day that brought us here
Risk the good
And mourn the dead
Be here in my past
Its a long thread
Fragile and thin
The ego walks
The distance it travels
Life in us gasps
Sing near the stream
Come ashore
Pull me out
Dont pay heed
If i want more.


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Aug 28, 2019
by: Gayathri Devi Dutt

Simple lyrical poem communicates a myriad of emotions from a women's perspective and experience that unfathoms the truth!

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