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Waking moments...of Isabel Cecilia

by Maria Isabel Cecilia Pascual

Sleep has evaded me again...almost like a naughty child teasing me unrelentingly...
It was fun to stay in active consciousness, but when your body tells you differently.
Then the moment's gaiety dessipates.

Reading, writing, singing, staring, knitting and sewing were the armor I deployed...
But the land of dreamland's door remained unmoved, latched and beyond my reach.

How do you unwished beautiful waking hours you've had not so long ago?
When every minute that had passed awashed you with so much joy far above your dreams?

So here I shall remain eyes alighted with vivid sight of life and things...
Unblinking, not complaining, never tiring but marveling and thankful of the gift I was blessed with.

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Jan 09, 2011
Sneha...must be the...
by: Isabel

These were the words produced by a mind that was deprived of restful slumber...

Torned and undecided at first whether to see it as a curse or a blessing... after a short pause decided it's the latter. Blessings comes in many different ways unobscured or disguised.


Dec 18, 2010
Feelings well expressed
by: Sneha

Your verse looks very prosaic, though the emotions came out well.

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