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What Else Can a Mother Say…

by Sonali Arora Chugh
(New Delhi, India)

Just like every mother, I too have a lot to say to my daughter. But before I say anything else, I want to share the first promise that I made to myself, when I saw her.

I told myself, come what may; I will always be her mother.

I don’t want my daughter to be over educated, immensely rich, extremely obedient or even a doting wife. No. I simply wish to guide her to use her knowledge well and judge people wisely. I want her to follow the right path.

I wish to guide her not to follow the opposite path which most of us follow blindly; which is not right; where one considers the position of the other human & then acts accordingly before even considering him as another human. I want to teach her how to protect herself from the harsh realities of the world, just the way a body protects its soul from the world outside. Just the way an alert mind secures the sensitive emotions of the heart.

As a mother, I want to tell my daughter to always help others, but to remember to take care of herself and her dear ones too.

When she grows up and marries the love of her life, I wish to make her aware of her mother-in-law’s feelings too — the feelings of a woman who would be blessing her with her own life’s happiness; her world, her son.

I wish my daughter is sensitive to her feelings, for that mother would want her to take care of her son, as she herself did throughout her life, respectful to the one with whom her husband would always have a connection of the invisible umbilical cord.

I hope my daughter understands that just
like it won’t be easy for me to part with her after her marriage, similarly it won’t be easy for another mother to share her son, either.

As a mother, I wish that when she enters that phase of her life where she becomes a Mother herself; she does realize that Mom is just not a term explaining a spiritual relation accomplished through giving birth by physical self as its power is unexplained.

I wish that she understands that she has been blessed to nurture and enhance her other pious self; HER BABY.

I wish she enjoys the joys of motherhood and understands what being a mother truly means. I hope she understands that she has been blessed with a chance to live life, again, through a new life – her child.

I wish to teach her to value life and see its beauty in every aspect. I don’t wish a perfect one for her; I rather wish that she lives her life as beautifully as a melodious tune so that when she looks up, she has nice tunes to follow.

I want to tell her never to forget feeling alive as nothing in this life can steal the worth of her birth from her.

I hope she never stops being grateful for this one life that she got, and there could never be an end to a mother’s wish of sharing with her daughter all that she has and desires for her child but I hope that this letter would tell her what her Mum would wish to share with her in this life. I hope to tell my daughter to lead a happy life and spread happiness wherever she goes, whatever she does.

Page taken from the Diary of a Loving Mother

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