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What should I do now..
Where am I now

by Ramesh
(Kochi, India)

What should I do now...
nor am i there ... or am i there?
feeling the pain of
bleeding the veins
loosing my loved ones
missing my cared ones

am i still not there?
seeing the corpse of my friends and kins
sowing of crops for yet another sin

why am i not there? i ask thyself
for holding the Satan from pursuing its deeds
for holding the Gods for caring the needs

well now i am here..
for the bang in front of house of the laws
to blast out of fate, the roots of these loss

well now i am here...
to fight for the truth for it to triumph and rain
for the rise of our soul from this limp of vain

(With deepest condolence to the recent blast victims)

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Where am I now

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Mar 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks MsThanuja.Ur poem really shows the heart of a soldiers. a good rendation indeed. i just happend to see it

Sep 25, 2011
With hope let us strive!
by: Tanuja Chatterjee

Now I'm here
In this age of despair
No efforts I'll spare
To comfort and care.

It's my mission in life. I swear
This I declare
Yes I'll be here!

To wipe every tear
To vanish all fear
To help everyone persevere.
I'll warm every heart
With the power of love
I'll make a peaceful land
Right here

Yes! My heaven is here.
Yes, I am here.
Now I am here,
I'm happy that
I am right here.

Thanx Ramesh for your heart touching poetry. I thought of these lines for those who are fighting it hard after the Delhi Blast.

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