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When Death Questioned Life

by Anant Khushalani
(Ahmedabad, India)

Once there was a weird town I remember,
With huge ironic lands.
One side had a hospital where new lives born,
Other had a graveyard, where the life ends.

So once amidst the town they met,
One was life and the other was death.
The time of greeting was dusk,
Nor would the sun rise neither did it set.

(Then a conflict arose between the life and death)

All lords and saints gazed,
At the argument that day took place.
When I am the destiny of long journey,
In which you give them all the pain.
Why should you be chased every time,
Instead of being hated for the same.
Asked the death.

I am the beautiful myth though lie,
Always before you I come.
You are the reality but harsh,
Hence, must remain unsung.
Answered life.


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