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When I become the Ocean

by Pallavi Ghosh
(New Delhi, India)

Gazing at the bedimmed stars,
Staring at nothing but skylight,
I float.

Like an uprooted tree,
Without any myth to hold on to,
I float.

Droplets of water enter my capillaries
And weigh down on me;
Making me bloated and heavy;
But I do not mind...

I think of water like an extension of me;
It does not like to be in-between.

Halfway in and halfway out;
And then the rumours go about.
Not this and not that;
The mad woman with the hat.

Put it this way,
Even death sounds poetic, doesn’t it?

So drop by drop I drown;
Losing my buoyancy;

Moments from now,
I will be a drop in the ocean;
I will be the ocean;
I am the ocean.


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