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When Love Fades..

by Geetika Sodhi Lohan
(Ghaziabad, India)

There are times when love fades
Relationship looks like shades

You don't know what the other says
Without talking you pass days

Storm it seems never ends
No one understands no one bends

Happiness that you always seek
Becomes Fragile becomes weak

A crossroad opens with two ways
One moves away while the other stays

Difficult Choices need be taken
The ground of love need be shaken

If you get firm if you move on
You might for a while feel reborn

But life repeats and you are doomed
In new world the same old wound

You better choose the path that stays
Patience helps patience pays

Do not love if you feel
But do not hurt do not peel

Let things be where they are
Let time heal a heart sour

You put your love to something more
Something that heals you to the core

Fill your heart with endless love
Be the bird be a dove

And then one day autumn leaves
Storm stops Spring receives

You miss the love that hid under
The clouds of ego with thunder

You seek the one you left behind
You forgive from heart don't use your mind

You pray you wish to see the eyes
In which your world forever lies

The same old flames start to spark
When you come together in the dark

Then you see love never fades
It dulls a bit but never shades.


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