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When the Pen refuses

by Kavya S.Babu

Everything was fine
until that morning,
almost a month ago.
Neither did I bother
nor did I neglect.
I let it go, now it’s gone
Not forever, I wish.
But it’s a matter of my living
What should I do?
If my pen refuses to write!

I and he were not two souls.
Like the twinkles up above
he has known everything,
though I never told him anything.
Tightly I held him close, within
my fatty thumb and its near ally.
I just wanted him to be close.
Like the blue skinny streams
from the rich green hills,
my find flows out impatiently
sizzling through his nerves.

He carried my wisdom
to the dazzling dew drops
of the multicolour spring,
to the worn out lives
of the fought fallen ones
and so on, to so many lives.
He never let me stop.

The morning was fresh,
the breeze was cool,
the bright lines of yellow
cut through the pane.
Brim over, a longing
to pen down something.
I picked up him
from the soft velvet bed.
drew a sheet from the rack
jealous was she
at his love for me.
He touched it hesitantly.
No words did he drew
just strange dots and curves.
His nerves didn’t sizzle,
but he seemed to giggle.
I let it go, for I was sure
that he wouldn’t leave me.

Days and nights,
I tried my best.
Beneath tree canopies,
below the full moon sky,
gazing at the twinkles,
watching the sunset,
rain and dawn.
Between the clamours too,
I tried, but failed.
His nerves might have gone dead
Or maybe, am worthy of him, no more!


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Nov 03, 2019
Glimpse of masterful poetry
by: Nidhin

No words to say. A very personal kind of vibe after reading this one. Honestly, Inexplicable. Any description to this will be a degradation of thi work.

Sep 22, 2016
Nice poem
by: Surabhi

Very nice poem. Enjoyed reading it.

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