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Who Is Right?

by Vaman Acharya

Rajaram had let out one portion of his house to one Mr.Rao. Just two days after the tenant came to occupy the rented portion, Rajaram came over to enquire after him as a matter of courtesy.

"How are you Mr.Rao?" asked Rajaram.

"If I say I am okay, it will be nothing but a false statement. On the other hand, if I say otherwise, my conscience will not permit it. Better not ask such a question."

"Rao, you must always say I am okay. The Almighty is always around us. Whatever we express He will grant."

"I don't believe in such meaningless argument. People like you believe in useless things."

Rajaram was not expecting such a reply from him. He thought it better not to continue the converdation further and left the place.

But after one hour Rao went to Rajaram and asked, "Sir, you have left without analyzing my reply."

"Why should I waste my precious time in such worthless argument?" said Rajaram.

"How do you say it is worthless?" questioned Rao.

Their argument continued without compromise. After sometime, the argument became so heated and their voices so raised that it appeared as though they were fighting.
Sensing some trouble, people gathered around to enquire what was going on. They tried to pacify them and failed utterly in their efforts. Ultimately, one of the neighbors lodged a complaint with the police. The Inspector of Police arrived immediately and was successful in settling the issue peacefully.

Later, it was revealed that though Mr.Rao was highly qualified and knowledgeable he lost his mental balance due to a horrible accident in which his only son lost his life.

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Feb 14, 2014
by: Vaman Acharya

Reader enjoys right to comment in any manner he wish. As a writer, I don't think it is a setback.
Thanks for the comment.

Aug 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

Please do not write this type of meaningless story....i wasted my time by reading your Story. write a story which atleast has a meaning or which strings in a heart.....please don't feel bad.this is my opinion about your story. it might be good for others because different people different thoughts.

Apr 06, 2012
Your story
by: Sneha

I'd be glad if you could delve into more paradigms in this story. While I thought it had an interestingly newer structure, I'd be glad to have more details.

Apr 04, 2012
Elderly Persons and Their balance of Mind
by: Vamanacharya

Such arguments are common in elderly persons. Some times, they don't know what they are talking. It may be due to the tragic incident happened. They will reconcile after some time and repent for the earlier event.

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