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by Suryasri Saha
(Kolkata, India)

I just love the winters!
It's the only time when the otherwise
busy city seems to finally repose for
sometime more,silencing the chaos
rendering the breeze to add to the bliss.

It's the time when one can experience
the absolute numbness all around sitting
alone in a dead quiet room attentive even to
the slightest sound, feeling his breath losing its
way in the darkness outside.

Also it's the time of gathering for picnics
in unison, to feed hot coffees to the chilled
appetite while also shaking feeling the chills.

And also for some, it's time to sit and reminisce
all those times of togetherness,all those times
spent in closeness under the winter sky,
under the chilling winds and
in the darkness of the time.

For some, it's the time to miss it all yet smile
because there's something about winters!
It may not give back the earlier memories
of its time but it gives so much more, it gives
so much serenity all around in the quietness
letting even the most deadly demons
within to surrender.

The quietness outside surpasses the war inside
rendering something highly elysian, highly inexplicable.
The demons within seems to bow their head
down seeing the absolute silence outside which every
winter nights bring along.

And thus I just love the winters for not just one but
many reasons but mostly for its the time when
all my demons repose as well and unlike the
other seasons, in this one so very effortlessly..


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