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Wish Upon a Star - contd

by Celin Jay
(Mumbai, India)

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“We both don’t know a lot about each other, do we?” the ball of his thumb running lightly along the scar on the underside of my wrist. “Sit down” he said nudging me in the direction of an armchair.

“You went missing from the orbit roughly the same time as my wedding. We came to know about your mother then. The second day after our marriage Divya and I were travelling by road when an overloaded truck slammed into the rear of our car. She died instantly while I survived with a concussion and a broken leg. It took some time to fall back on track, and things have been pretty quiet till I joined this place.”

He walked to the window and turned to look at me strangely for a few seconds. “I have an unobstructed view of the path you usually take, from here, but from this far I could have been wrong...”

He turned and came over to where I was sitting. “That was the second time in my life that you gave me the slip and probably the longest week of my life”. Then slanting a look at me, he said “I would hate for it to happen again....Will you marry me?”

I stood up slowly as he took hold of my wrist and pressed his lips to the telltale scar. Numbly I nodded and rested my head against his shoulder, his arms going about me in a tight embrace till all the shadows melted away and the stars shone down brightly on us.


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